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Taking Care of Your Skin After Procedures

Last week we touched on Melanoma since we’re coming into summer months and skin damage from sun exposure is at it’s height. It’s important to reiterate that melanoma can be deadly, but is treatable with immediate diagnosis and early treatment. Part of immediate diagnosis is to do a regular self check. See the tips below.

1) UPPER BODY…Look into the mirror & examine the areas of the upper body that are exposed to the sun; head, scalp, face, neck, chest, torso, hands, nails, elbows, arms and underarms.

2) LOWER BODY… Sit down so it’s easier to check your legs, feet, soles, heels & toenails.

3) BACKSIDE… Using a hand mirror – inspect the back of the neck, shoulders, upper arms, back, buttocks & legs.

FOUR SPECIAL SKIN CONSIDERATIONS … Your care regimen will be different for a surgical procedure involving incisions that leave raw skin to heal, such as a face lift or blepharoplasty, versus a non invasive injectable procedure that causes significantly less injury to your skin. Whether your cosmetic procedure is invasive or non invasive, here are some tips to give your skin the best chance to heal:

1. Stay out of the sun. The fastest way to darken scars is to exposes them to the sun, so you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight all together.
2. Go the extra mile with pampering your skin. Use only mild, non- fragrance skincare… use it diligently even though you may not feel like taking the extra effort.
3. Drink lots of water. Hydrating your skin from the inside will help it along. Avoid dehydrating beverages, especially alcohol.
4. No picking, poking or prying at the recovery site. You need to give your wounds the best chance to heal. Disturbing the scabs could cause infection or scarring.

CARING FOR YOUR SKIN AFTER COSMETIC SURGERY… Taking special care of your skin in the first weeks after cosmetic surgery will help your results to last and minimize further damage that’ll age your skin. Your specific care regimen will be determined by which cosmetic procedure you have, but you can rest assured that I will guide you through the whole process from consultation to post procedure care.

Post surgery care is multi faceted. It involves:
• treating your wounds – you’ll receive detailed directions with a unique protocol for your procedure, but my recommendations usually include the herbal supplement Arnica Montana to reduce bruising and discoloration
• managing swelling – regular use of ice or cold compresses and elevation
• keeping up with everyday skin care – cleaning and moisturizing your skin will keep it from infection, break outs, and drying out. Be sure to use gentle, non comedogenic products.
• resting in between

I look forward to helping you in the rejuvenation process from beginning to end. To schedule your consultation, visit

Steven Davison M.D.
Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Correcting Aging Eyes For Men And Women

Different characteristics of the eyes make them aesthetically appealing to the opposite gender. These distinct features of the eyes contribute to their characteristically feminine and masculine nature. This makes the restoration of the eyelids of men and women a different process with a different result in mind.

CHARACTERISTICS OF OUR EYELIDS… The eyelids have the most delicate, thinnest skin of the entire body for both men and women. Although men’s skin tends to be thicker overall and therefore shows signs of aging slower, the thin skin of the eyelids doesn’t exempt them from being one of the first facial features to show signs of aging in both genders.

AGING EYELIDS…The signs of aging of the eyelids are sagging and folding over the upper eyelids. This can have a variety of effects on how the resting features of the face are perceived, and they often aren’t desirable. Aging eyelids may give the face the appearance of being:

– Old
– Tired
– Sad
– Angry, Gruff

Male or female, these aren’t typically the impression anyone wants to give. If you’ve noticed these changes and want to restore a youthful, rested and pleasant eye appearance, then eyelid surgery, called Blepharoplasty, can provide an excellent solution.

BLEPHAROPLASTY FOR WOMEN… Currently the majority of
patients requesting eyelid lifts are women who desire the bright eyes of their youth. For women, the desirable aesthetics of the eyes are to restore an open appearance with a clean, well-defined crease to the eyelid. While the hooded eyelid ages the face, so can the appearance of a sunken hollowed eye socket. This can happen when too much skin and fat are removed from the eyelid. The balance of knowing just how much skin and fat to remove is attributed to the artistic skill of a highly experienced triple board certified surgeon like myself.

BLEPHAROPLASTY FOR MEN…The naturally masculine characteristic of men’s’ eyes are a heavier, thicker brow and eyelid. It is even normal young men to have fuller eyelids that cover the upper lid. Therefore most male patients choose to have upper eyelid lift surgery for distinctly different reasons than women. Sometimes the drooping eyelids do cause an angry or worn out appearance that hinders them from reaching greater confidence and perception at work. Other times, this hooding and drooping skin can push down on the eyelids so that vision is obstructed. Overall the difference in surgical technique for blepharoplasty in men is with the goal to:
1. correct the vision restriction or gruff appearance while maintaining masculine characteristics to the eye
2. conserve much of the skin and fat to avoid over lifting and feminizing the eyelid

While the reasons men and women would want to change the appearance of their eye area may be different, there is a need for both that can be corrected with blepharoplasty. It is up to the skill of the plastic surgeon to enhance the natural masculine and feminine features of the eyes with different techniques that can restore a youthful, rested, pleasant aesthetic to the eyes. If you want your eyes in the hands of precision, experience and skill, visit to set up a consultation.

Steven Davison M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Curvaceous Buttocks Augmentation…

Your Best Butt Now

All this snow and cold weather has lots of people dreaming about the warm summer months. This is actually the perfect time to start thinking about your bikini body too. With all the amazing body enhancing surgeries to give your body the curves you desire, such as liposuction, tummy tuck and breast implants, more and more people are requesting buttock augmentations. Butt augmentation was the fastest growing procedure last year and that trend is expected to continue.

Trend from South America for Your “Southern Regions”…This greater buttocks awareness has come up from South America over the last couple of years, especially Brazil, that has a large cultural appreciation for this part of the body. Celebrities, such as Shakira, J Lo, Nicki Minaj, and the Kardashians have led the way for the plump posterior preference. Popularly called a Brazilian Butt Lift, this procedure can include liposuction, lifting, fat grafting, and implants to create your ideal buttock fullness and shape.

Working with “What Your Momma Gave You”… Which butt augmentation technique we’ll need to use will be determined by your      shutterstock_76782826

  • age,
  • muscle tone
  • skin elasticity
  • available fat you have to transplant
  • existing buttock size and shape

Fat Grafting By the Best… Fat grafting is the ideal way to contour the buttocks because it uses your own living fat cells. The fat cells are liposuctioned from areas such as abdomen or thighs, purified, and then injected expertly to shape and contour the buttocks. The success of this process has much to do with the experience of the surgeon.

Don’t compromise by choosing someone without a high level of training because you could end up with a lumpy, bumpy or saggy butt. For example, I am an expert injector, specially trained and certified to know how much to inject and in what areas to create wonderful, natural looking results.

Implants for that Rounder Rump… For most people I recommend the fat grafting method for butt enhancement, but there are some cases where an implant is the best option. For example, if you’re a size 2 or 4, you probably won’t have enough fat to transplant, therefore an implant can create your curves. Also, if your buttock area is completely flat and sagging, then creating the derriere of your dreams will require a bit more help. Here are the aspects of using implants for building better buttocks:

  1. IMPLANT…A solid silicone implant works best since it cannot rupture, spill, or deflate. Your augmented buttock will still feel natural, but firm… like you’ve been working out.
  2. INCISION… There are a few location options we can decide on together, such as toward the top of the buttocks, the bottom crease, or down the center of the sacrum.
  3. POSITION… Nice results have been attained with both above and below muscle placement, but typically placement within the muscle supports the implant more.
  4. LIFT & LIPO… Lifting sagging skin and liposuction can help create a harmonious effect with the buttock implant for an overall beautifully contoured area.

If you want your best butt now, you need to be in the hands of the best surgeon. I’m triple board certified, a professor and author of hundreds of publications on important plastic surgery subjects, including patient safety. Visit to schedule a consultation for your safe, beautiful Brazilian Butt Lift today.

Dr. Davison



SCARS  often come with a myriad of emotions.  Some scars remind us of pain, others of joy; of accidents or medical emergencies, or the miracle of ew life emerging via c-section deliveries.

In the eyes of a plastic surgeon, a scar is not our friend.  We want to leave the most minimal, if not invisible trace of our work, so a scar is not desirable.  In the case of keloids, I have the pleasure of helping to remove a scar, but not just any scar.  Keloids are scars that don’t stop!  They are not pleasant at all for the afflicted, and so it is personally rewarding to help individuals find relief from keloid scars.

WHAT ARE KELOIDS?   Keloids are scars that are usually discolored and raised.  They can be pink, flesh colored, or darkly colored in hues of red, purple and brown.  Keloids don’t blend in with the rest of skin texture since they’re often shiny, thick and fibrous.  They feel firm and rubbery to the touch, but can be uncomfortable.  They often cause severe itching and due to their thickness, can impair skin movement.  Keloids are not cancerous but result from an overgrowth of collagen type tissue at the site of a healed skin injury.  Here are some characteristics of Keloids:

  • extend past the borders of the original incision or cut into surrounding areas that weren’t injured                                                           shutterstock_72411928-1
  • irregularly shaped and tend to enlarge progressively
  • hard to treat and eradicate
  • can reoccur…even after year of being dormant
  • do not subside over time
  • typically appear following surgery or injury but can also appear due to slight inflammation, minor injuries or even spontaneously
  • can be triggered by burns, body or ear piercings, pimples, insect bites and simply scratching ones self

KELOID vs HYPERTROPIC SCARS … Skin’s normal healing process usually leaves a flat scar that fades over time.  Sometimes as the skin heals there appears a thicker scar, which could possible be a hypertropic scar.  Hypertropic scars exist only where the original wound was, although they may be more reddish and slightly raised.  They will blend in more with regular skin over time, although aggressive massage and steroid injections help them along.  To minimize Keloids, on the other hand, usually requires more treatment.

Here are some of the most “tried and true” treatments for Keloid removal:

  • Corticosteroid injected directly into the tissue once a month for about 3-4 months
  • Laser Excision followed by monthly intralesional steroid injections alone or in conjunction with Imiquimod
  • Surgical removal via scalpel, electric knife or laser for larger, more extensive formations

TREATING KELOIDS REQUIRE SKILL and EXPERIENCE…I have thousands of hours of surgical experience and specialized training.  Over the years, I have successfully been able to help many people who’ve suffered with Keloids.  I also take special care to offer complimentary post surgical treatments to minimize Keloid recurrence.

If you, or someone you  know is suffering with the discomfort of unsightly Keloids, let’s talk about the best options I can offer for your relief.

Dr. Steven Davison

Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

BUTT UPLIFT…IMPLANTS…and curvy, sexy shape you’ve always wanted! and Manly Makeovers!

BUTT UPLIFT…with IMPLANTSCreate shapely, sexy curves you’ve always wanted….


Regardless of the amount of exercise or weight training, the buttocks are not easily enlarged, shaped or defined.  Butt Uplift with Implants or Fat Grafting changes that and gives men and women the butt they’ve lost or always wanted and never had.

Buttocks Implants is still at the top of the list of “most popular procedures” for the past several years.  Patterned after the outrageously beautiful Brazilian butt Lifts…American women and, yes, men, have and continue to line up for the safe, simple procedure.

Here’s what Butt Implants do:

       Implants enlarge, shape, lift and sculpt the buttocks

       Procedure varies by ethnicity…I tailor it to each individual

       Effects are safe, complementary and long lasting

       Implants are soft and easily shaped to achieve customized, natural looking results

During your personal consultation, I listen carefully and evaluate your desires, personal needs and anatomy to determine what is best suited to you.  Then your treatment is tailored to you personally.  We can also do Vectra 3D Computer Imaging which allows you to see your potential outcomes.  This process really helps patients make good choices.

Butt Implants Procedure is in!  You can read more about it here:

MANLY MAKEOVERS…because LIFE IS COMPETITIVE…and men want to look good!

More men work in office situations than ever before…and looking preppy, alert, handsome and energetic is part of the deal.  Older men are finder it harder to compete and are turning to Brotox to get their edge back. Many of the men who are getting Botox injections feel the need to “look friendlier again.”  Botox eases the forehead wrinkles that make you look angry.  They also get “spot treatments” on the face…whereas women prefer to get Botox in several locations for a more complete makeover.

EXPERT INJECTOR…be sure your Botox injections are given by an “expert injector.”  This requires specialized training along with a thorough understanding of the complex facial anatomy and an artistic eye.  I qualify as a Botox Expert.  I’ve given many hundreds of injection treatments… and I continue to do them on a regular basis.

Media, Peer Pressure and the need to look good!  There has never before been this much pressure on career men to look good and stay looking good.  It comes from every direction….news, special reports, magazines, male models, and especially career recruiters who just tell you like it is…look younger and look good or forget the job.  Older men are feeling really pressured since they are no longer “the young buck at the office.”

There are many, many options to overcome these challenges…no matter what age or stage of life you find yourself.  When treatments start early enough, visible aging is often delayed for several years without aggressive treatment.  We can handle it! 

Botox (Brotox), Liposculpting, Eyelid Surgery, Forehead Lift, Chin Implants and Neck Sculpting with Liposuction…are a few of the more common procedures men are choosing.  They are safer, with less downtime and long lasting results.

Women are giving their Men Manly Makeovers as…Birthday/ Christmas, New Years gifts….and for many others reasons and occasions. These procedures defy and reverse aging…and men are loving them along with several other options.

SPRING 2013 IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER… My blogs will continue to educate you about the many age reversing options such as face saving Power Lifters, super smoothers and other defensive options to help win the war on aging.


If you want to be “Beach Body Ready”…we need to design your program soon and move ahead with it.

Been thinking about Breast Implants, Breast Lift or Reduction, Facial Rejuvenation, a Mommy Makeover, a Daddy Do Over, LipoSculpting to remove fat that won’t budge…Senior Couples Age Reversing Options…and much more…Come in and let’s talk. 

I’m here to help you restore your body to be more youthful, healthy and fit so you can…look and feel your absolute best!  My website for more info:

Steven Davison M.D.

“DAVinci…where I combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

Thanksgiving, Benefits of Gratitude,Turkey Neck…not on your neck and Males who get Fat Grafting

THANKSGIVING is a wonderful time for us to give thanks…and I want to thank each of you, our patients, for all you’ve done to help us make DAVinci such a special place. We appreciate each of you a Happy Thanksgiving and all the best in life.

So enjoy the time with family and friends, and count your blessings because…

An ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE…has been scientifically proven to produce many incredible benefits!  Gratitude actually improves blood pressure, stress, depression and reduces risk of developing eating disorders.  Gratitude is associated with improved mood, sense of well being, interpersonal relationships, physical health, weight loss, cardio health, improved immune health and longevity.  So, be thankful for what you have, don’t worry about what you don’t have…and please share the good news with your loved ones and friends.

Ageing and Turkey Neck…As we age we develop a “turkey neck,”
That’s the loose sagging skin under your chin that looks just like turkey waddle.  I do Necklift and Neck contouring with Liposuction to get rid of this unsightly, unwelcome problem.  There’s still time to get your neck contoured before Christmas.

FAT GRAFTING…is fabulous for restoring lost volume in areas such as the cheeks, hands, nasolabial folds and other sagging places.  It’s safe and long lasting.  Many people today prefer it over fillers because we use your own body fat and transfer it to needy areas.  There is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction…because it’s your own natural product.

FAT TRANSFER and the MALE MODEL LOOK…YES more men are doing youth rejuvenating procedures for career benefits and just because the Baby Boomers want to look their best always.

More of today’s men are seeking ways to look healthy, fit, trim and sculpted. They call it “The Male Model Look.” Concerning the face, It involves accentuating some or all of the skeletal highlights of the face.  Areas such as the brow bones, cheeks, chin and jaw angles/jawline.  Fat Grafting/Fat Transfer/Fat Injections (all the same) are fabulous for restoring these deficient areas. Many guys also have a “Nose Job” for ultimate results.

MEN and BROTOX (Botox)   Over 25% of my Botox patients are men.  West Coast doctors report that 50% of their Botox patients are men. In addition to Fat Grafting, Botox is the leading injectable today…and when done by an “Expert Injector” the results are wonderful.  Men like it because they want fast, no downtime results, without everybody knowing.  They don’t mind aging…but they hate the droopiness, jowls, the fat neck etc. Fat Grafting and Botox are two proven ways to deal with these issues.

EXPERT INJECTORS  are Board Certified Surgeons, Facial Plastic surgeons, Dermatologists and Oculoplastic surgeons who have demonstrated due diligence for patient safety, reliable results and consumer education.  Expert Injectors have specialized training in the procedure and products and are specifically qualified to perform the injections.  I am a qualified Expert Injector….please don’t entrust your face to a non expert.

OK…this blog has been bits n pieces of information I’ve wanted to get to you before the year ends…and ideas for helping you keep your best face forward.

AGE DEFYING OPTIONS FOR YOU!  Go to:, to see the many anti ageing options my patients choose.   We can’t stop ageing…but we can slow it down and keep you looking years younger…always!

Come in and let’s chat.

Best to you all.

Steven Davison M.D.

“DAVinci….where we combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

New Year greetings….blessings, health and prosperity….to everyone!

shutterstock_40069990Happy New Year to everyone….wherever you may be in the world. We wish to thank you for helping to make 2012 such a great year…and we look forward to seeing many of you again in 2013.  We’re here to help you look and feel your absolute best!  

Look for some new age reversing options in 2013…I’ll tell about them in my blogs…so keep on coming back for more good info.

Blessings, health and prosperity to you all.

Steven Davison M.D……staff

Welcome to 2013 at DAVinci…and many age reversing options!

Welcome to January 2013!    Welcome back to DAVinci…where my staff and I invite you to learn about and experience the life changing, age reversing products and procedures enjoyed by many men and women from every walk and every age and stage in life.    Many thanks to all of you!

2013 will usher in more about…life changing antioxidants, wrinkle erasers, volume replacers, filler trends, most dramatic lifters, age reversal without surgery, laser treatments, stem cell facelifts, fat grafting, liposuction and liposculpting, 3D Imaging, hydration and aging, sources of antioxidants, the beauty of fat,  new mommy makeovers, seniors that grow young together, career sensitive procedures, anti aging roadmap, causes of facial aging, the amazing power of surgery, male makeovers, daddy do.overs…repeats of the 2012 populars…and on it goes!

Recovering from 2012 holidays involves getting back on track with the right high anti oxidants for both your body and your face.

WHY ANTIOXIDANTS?  …antioxidants fight free radicals in the body….free radicals are to the body….what rust is to your prized antique car!

  • Increased intake of raw fruits and vegetables to 3-4 portions per day made a visible improvement in appearance, overall attractiveness and health (Univ. of St. Andrews School of Medicine, Scotland)
  • Food nutrients become building blocks of new skin cells and new collagen (both essential components of healthy skin)
  • Skin has the ability to heal (like every body organ does)…diet factors heavily into this ability  (Jeannette Graf M.D. Manhattan, New York)
  • Genetics and external/environmental factors influence the behavior of cells…but the ability to form properly and maintain a healthy moisture barrier depends upon internal factors
  • Lines, wrinkles and slack skin is part of the aging process…but proper nutrition is proven to stave off signs of aging longer
  • The key is a diet rich in alkalinity…all things green….while minimizing aciditiy …nothing cream or beige is bad!
  • Adequte hydration cannot be overemphasized…lemon/lime add flavor and alkalyze the water
  • Consume high quality protein such as wild caught salmon, spirulina etc….
  • Keep wrinkles at bay by eliminating/minimizing acidic foods, refined sugars, colas, alcohol and caffeine.  E.G….avoid coffee that is several hours old…it’s raging with “free radicals”
  • Refined sugar and processed foods both attach to protein (including collagen) in the body and break it down….causing wrinkles…..2011 Dutch study showed a correlation between higher glucose (sugar) levels in the body and higher perceived age!
  • Tufts University/U.S Dept of Agriculture study showed that a diet rich in plant nutrients like carotenoids, flavonoids and lycopene may provide the whole body with protection against aging UV damage.   Choose bright colored vegies….eat 60-80% raw every day for maximum nutrients…and don’t overcook the rest.
  • WATER… drink 1/2 of your body weight each day in that many ounces…to stay well hydrated.  (e.g….130 lbs requires 65 ounces of pure water every day….minimum!)  KNOW THIS:  there is no substitute for pure water….not iced tea, or coffee, or juice or any other beverage period!   The body is made up of over 90% water….it’s essential!

ANTIOXIDANTS   Good fruits and vegetables, and other high quality food sources (Organic is best) are loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body and can prevent skin damage and fight the signs of aging. More on this later.

Holidays are over…time to get back on track and focus on Health, wellness and youthful beauty!  Stop procrastinating…and let’s talk about the age reversing options you’ve been thinking about.

Happy New Year!

Steven Davison M.D.

“DAVinci….where we combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

Vectra 3D Imaging System…shows age reversing results…before your procedure is done!

shutterstock_54370510 Vectra 3 D Computer Imaging allows you to see actual body sculpting results before you even have the procedure performed! EXAMPLE; To demonstrate outcomes of a Breast Augmentation, 3 D images of your body are taken, loaded into the system and onto a large screen.  The system then selects several implants sizes and shapes…simulates them over your own body…empowers you to make the best possible choice.  RHINOPLASTY…aka…NOSE JOB is much easier to understand while viewing the nose from several angles…to see what really needs to be done.  The 3D system makes this happen.  Read more at:

Vectra’s 3D Compiter Imaging System works for procedures such as:  Facelift, Necklift, Cheek and Chin Implants, Skin Resurfacing, Rhinoplasty, Browlifts, Blepharoplasty (Eyelids) Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Liposuction, Liposculpting with Implants and more…..

ASK US ABOUT  “SCULPT MY DREAM” 3D IMAGING…before your next Age Reversing Procedure!  Here’s what our patients say to us about it:

  • Unbelievable!   It was like seeing my new body in a 3D Movie
  • You can make all the changes you want….until you hit upon the look that’s you!
  • Breast Simulation showed me my personal benefits from a combo “lift/Implants”
  • I finally realized that the simulation could be my actual results!
  • I was able to make a “crystal clear” science based decision…that enabled me to chose the right implants

GOOD CANDIDATES for “SculptMyDream” 3D Computer Imaging System…Men and Women of all ages, stages, ethnicities and goals are getting outstanding procedure results due to requesting 3D imaging first!  Baby Boomers want to regain some youthfulness…in order to look as great as they feel and Generation Xer’s are having a variety of anti aging procedures done regularly…to compete in their career place, to move up through the ranks and because they consider this a normal part of their routine healthcare.   Seniors…more and more are flooding surgeons suites as these “older teens” have decided to grow younger together!

Today’s procedures take years off an aging face and body…with less invasiveness….briefer downtimes and longer lasting results from more dramatic lifters Botox etc.


  • Increases Patient Confidence
  • Allows your participation in creating your treatment plan
  • You see actual simulations (your own body)
  • You can actual outcomes (simulated on your own body)
  • Vectra 3D system is the most accurate, clear, flexible system today

Well, I wanted to make sure you know about this amazing imaging system to enable you to make better choices in 2013…along with offering world class anti aging, age defying, age reversing options…knowing you can make educated decisions based on clear science should help stream line the process a bit for you.   Come in and let’s get you set up!

See my last blog to get up to speed on “antioxidants”...let’s move into 2013 both healthy, more youthful and handsome for us men…. beautiful for you ladies.

Best Wishes to all!

Steven Davison M.D.

DAVinci….where we combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

Tips for Beautiful Holiday Skin, Fabulous Lips and a Perfect Nose!

Winter is definitely here and that means different skin issues for different people.  So be sure to stay well hydrated to avoid drying skin from heated buildings and use a good   moisturizer to protect against cold wind.  If you live in South Florida, remember sun    shutterstock_65466172protection is important all year around. See my tips for healthy eating to boost skin collagen and enjoy the festivities!


Collagen is the foundation of connective tissue that supports the skin’s structure.  It is essential for younger looking skin.  As we age the body makes less collagen and the quality is reduced.  Naturally occurring enzymes break down collagen causing skin to thin, lose fullness and to form wrinkles.  The sun, pollution, free radicals and smoke all contribute to collagen breakdown.  This starts occurring around age 35.  In spite of this decline, food and today’s age defying treatments can boost collagen naturally to make you look more youthful.

 COLLAGEN BOOSTING FOODS: Celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, dark green, red and orange vegetables,  fish,  berries, soy, white tea, garlic, fresh citrus fruits, oysters, proteins – eggs, nuts and lean meats.


Remember to minimize the sugars, watch for hidden sugars, drink lots of pure water and maintain a good skin care routine to minimize dull, lackluster skin caused by rich Holiday foods.  See my previous blogs for more info on Glow N’ Go.

FABULOUS LIPS WITH CURVES IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACEs… Lip Augmentation using today’s remarkable injectable fillers can create gorgeous, natural looking lips instantly.  There’s still time before Christmas!  Also, follow these guidelines:

·      Stop Smoking

·      Moisturize daily and Exfoliate weekly

·      Resurface the lip skin using dermabrasion, chemical peels or laser treatments to smooth away lip lines and correct uneven skin tones.

·      Fill in Lines with Injectable Fillers that plump up lips and smooth out lines in the right areas…for a sexy, healthy look.  Only Board Certified Surgeons should perform filler treatments…especially the lips!


Great news!  Excessive, particularly Hypertropic scarring can be treated effectively with laser treatments.  In a recent study, 70 percent of 900 patients receiving laser therapy resulted in successful treatment.


Rhinoplasty surgery of the nose is an individualized procedure because “one nose does not fit every face.”  Rhinoplasty surgery is complex especially for “revision” surgeries to repair and correct previous surgical problems. At the hands of a skilled surgeon, Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most requested today because of the dramatic results it offers – both cosmetic and functional. Revision Rhinoplasty can:

1)   Correct assymetries or depressions in the nose

2)   Correct displaced implants or cartilage grafts which make the nose look round and bulbous

3)   Correct nasal obstructions to restore normal breathing

4)   Make the nose smaller and or narrower

5)   Correct inadequate nose tip projection (e.g. droopy tips)

Remember, Rhinoplasty surgery is both complex and difficult and since the nose is the “centerpiece” of your face, it is critical that you choose a Board Certified plastic/reconstructive surgeon with extensive expertise in nose surgeries. I know, I perform them regularly.


See my website for complete info:  There’s still time for Glow N’Go options, Filler Facelifts, Skin rejuvenation by Dermabrasion or laser, laser hair removal and others.  Let’s Talk. 






Breast Augmentation – 4 important decisions to make!

Breast Augmentation requires four important decisions for the surgical plan. Answering the key questions clearly improves communication and helps meet patient expectation.

1 – Size of the Augmentation.

This is key to the patient’s satisfaction. It is a little like Goldilocks this one’s too big, this one’s too small and this one’s just right. Using cup size as a starting point is fine but as everyone’s perception of cup size is different, fraut with pitfalls. A better estimate is to use cc increase. As there are physical parameters such as base width of the breast and skin envelope size, a starting range should be suggested by your surgeon. Trying on sizes in a trial and error session or using state-of-the-art 3D imaging are current ways to establish size. 3D imaging now allows patients to see their own chest with and without clothes after augmentation; it is just short of amazing.

2 – Type of Implant

Silicone versus saline is the question. If you’re under 22 years of age, saline is the only option, yet any older and it’s the patient’s desire. The safety concerns stirred up in the media have had no medical science support. So now it comes down to the pros and cons. Silicone implants are softer, lighter and more natural. Saline implants are more prone to rippling unless overfilled which leads to firmness yet can be placed through smaller incisions. This advantage has been negated by the success of an implantation tool called the Keller Funnel. Type of implant is irrelevant to size unless really large implants are chosen which need a larger access incision.

 3- Placement of Margin

The location of incision is either inframammary (in the fold under the breast), periareolar or around the nipple area, transaxillary via the axilla crease or through the bellybutton.  The axilla and bellybutton offer smaller, more hidden incisions where an inflatable saline device is inserted. This benefit is not so great now that more silicone devices are used. The inframammary incision gives the surgeon the most control, yet can ride up the breast with maturity. Ideally, the periareolar incision can be almost imperceptible when it heals but a poor scar or decreased nipple sensation are potential risks. A larger silicone access incision in the axilla can be cosmetically sensitive to the women doing moderate to high intensity exercise in which the arms are raised. An experienced surgeon should consider anatomy, the size and patient desires before pitching the incision. Beware the surgeon who just uses his or her incision only.

 4 – Position of Implant

The last issue is a subglandular device which is under the breast versus the device which is partially under the muscle. The advantage of under the breast or subglandular implant is more effective in size particularly to address some mild breast ptosis. The disadvantage is the implant may show through the skin. A subglandular device is not for thin-skinned individuals or those without at least 2 cm of breast coverage in the upper pole. The partial subpectoral placement means the upper 2/3 of the implant is under the pectoralis muscle. This has the advantage  to reduce the round edge of devices being obvious. The lower third of the device is still covered by the gland alone. Muscle force and function is not affected. In conclusion, the subglandular position is ideal for a larger breasted patient who wants more fullness to correct mild ptosis. The partial subpectoral device is better for most other patients.

Summer Fun In The Sun…Safely

It’s unavoidable and I know it…so let me give you some common sense tips for protection while you play in the sun this summer. First know that lotions and  Sunblocks work optimally when used along with hats, sun glasses and sun protection garments.

Sun protection and sun screen at the beach

Sun Protection

Our environment is changing and this alters the way the sun affects us.  So gear up for those outings and you can keep your skin looking good while minimizing damage.  Here’s my short list:

  • HATS…there are many inexpensive/expensive glamorous hats today that can “dress up” any outfit…even a bathing suit.  Wide brim hats are a terrific way to block sun rays from your face and neck.  Gardeners have worn them for years to avoid excess sun exposure.
  • SUN GLASSES …are an absolute must!  They can be stylish and still protect your precious eyes and the skin tissue surrounding the eye area.  Glasses also prevent “squinting” which causes those fine lines that form around the eye.  The eye area is one of the first on the face to show aging dramatically.  Beware…and protect it!
  • SUN PROTECTION GARMENTS & PRODUCTS…These garments have been used in water sports for many years now.  Most are available in every size and style imaginable. They can provide up to SPF 50 or even greater, are light weight,can be worn in the water or on land for play/sports and are great for extended periods of time during sun exposure.  The great benefit (especially for children) is that reapplication is not needed when wearing these garments.  A newer “wash in “ product is available and can be “washed into” any garment.  This can add SPF 30 for your regular outdoor clothing.

With schools out…vacations in progress and lots of time planned in the summer sun….please take the time to absorb this info ….and APPLY it.  Have a great time!


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