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Keloid Scar Removal in Washington D.C.

Keloids are overgrown, raised, discolored scars resulting from inflammation caused by skin injuries such as surgical incisions, ear piercings, tattoos, acne, ingrown hairs, bug bites, lacerations, and burns. Keloid scars can appear anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the breastbone, earlobes, and shoulders. Keloids form if the body continues to create new tissue, known as fibrous protein or collagen, during the healing process without stopping when it should. Typically, the body knows when to stop creating new tissue, but some people are genetically predisposed to keloid growths.

Who Can Benefit From Keloid Scar Removal?

If you’re considering having a keloid scar removed, you may identify with at least one of the following concerns.

Large, Thick Scars

Some patients have large, thick, raised scars that are far more extensive than the actual wound. Keloid scars protrude from the skin with a different texture than the surrounding skin and may be red or purple in color.

Itching or Burning

Many keloid scars can cause an itching, burning, or stinging sensation. If you experience pain or discomfort caused by your keloid scars, you may benefit from removal to improve these symptoms.

Interrupted Movement

Keloid scars can interfere with everyday movement if they are large enough. Keloid scars can be tough in texture, which can cause irritation and even disrupt your movements.

How Can Keloid Scars Be Removed?

There are several options available for keloid scar removal. The size and location of the keloid will determine which procedure will be most beneficial for you.

Addressing Your Concerns


Patients typically return to work one or two days after their procedure, and stitches are removed in about three days. Our surgeons utilize the most advanced, reliable techniques for keloid removal with results that are as natural looking as possible.


There is minimal visible scarring directly associated with treatments for keloid scars. Our primary objective is to reduce visible scarring.


Each technique has a different price, and you can obtain a more accurate estimate during your consultation. If your keloids are inhibiting your everyday activities, check with your insurance provider to see if your procedure is covered. Financing is available as well, so please discuss your options with our business office staff.


Minimal pain is associated with keloid scar removal, and various anesthesia options are available depending on your procedure and personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keloid Scar Removal

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