Correcting Aging Eyes For Men And Women

Different characteristics of the eyes make them aesthetically appealing to the opposite gender. These distinct features of the eyes contribute to their characteristically feminine and masculine nature. This makes the restoration of the eyelids of men and women a different process with a different result in mind.

CHARACTERISTICS OF OUR EYELIDS… The eyelids have the most delicate, thinnest skin of the entire body for both men and women. Although men’s skin tends to be thicker overall and therefore shows signs of aging slower, the thin skin of the eyelids doesn’t exempt them from being one of the first facial features to show signs of aging in both genders.

AGING EYELIDS…The signs of aging of the eyelids are sagging and folding over the upper eyelids. This can have a variety of effects on how the resting features of the face are perceived, and they often aren’t desirable. Aging eyelids may give the face the appearance of being:

– Old
– Tired
– Sad
– Angry, Gruff

Male or female, these aren’t typically the impression anyone wants to give. If you’ve noticed these changes and want to restore a youthful, rested and pleasant eye appearance, then eyelid surgery, called Blepharoplasty, can provide an excellent solution.

BLEPHAROPLASTY FOR WOMEN… Currently the majority of
patients requesting eyelid lifts are women who desire the bright eyes of their youth. For women, the desirable aesthetics of the eyes are to restore an open appearance with a clean, well-defined crease to the eyelid. While the hooded eyelid ages the face, so can the appearance of a sunken hollowed eye socket. This can happen when too much skin and fat are removed from the eyelid. The balance of knowing just how much skin and fat to remove is attributed to the artistic skill of a highly experienced triple board certified surgeon like myself.

BLEPHAROPLASTY FOR MEN…The naturally masculine characteristic of men’s’ eyes are a heavier, thicker brow and eyelid. It is even normal young men to have fuller eyelids that cover the upper lid. Therefore most male patients choose to have upper eyelid lift surgery for distinctly different reasons than women. Sometimes the drooping eyelids do cause an angry or worn out appearance that hinders them from reaching greater confidence and perception at work. Other times, this hooding and drooping skin can push down on the eyelids so that vision is obstructed. Overall the difference in surgical technique for blepharoplasty in men is with the goal to:
1. correct the vision restriction or gruff appearance while maintaining masculine characteristics to the eye
2. conserve much of the skin and fat to avoid over lifting and feminizing the eyelid

While the reasons men and women would want to change the appearance of their eye area may be different, there is a need for both that can be corrected with blepharoplasty. It is up to the skill of the plastic surgeon to enhance the natural masculine and feminine features of the eyes with different techniques that can restore a youthful, rested, pleasant aesthetic to the eyes. If you want your eyes in the hands of precision, experience and skill, visit to set up a consultation.

Steven Davison M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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