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Lipomas – 30 Seconds to Gone!

Using my “quick squeeze” method means my patients lipomas are gone in about 30 seconds.

This is the time of year, with Spring upon us…well here anyway…people are thinking about summer vacations, school events, family reunions, corporate events and more.  For many women, this involves wearing sleeveless and or low cut tops, shorts and swim wear and elegant evening wear…and more relaxes open collar or collarless shirts and shorts for men. These styles, while comfortable and casual are often more revealing and can show off unwelcome defects on the body.

For most people these events are fun and looked forward to.  But, for people with lipomas…not so!

What are Lipomas?  Lipomas come in various shapes and sizes – they are soft tissue tumors that can pop up anywhere on the body.  Even though most are not painful, they can be if they are pressing on a nerve.  For most people they represent an inconvenient, unsightly lump, bump that is not cancerous but you don’t want it on your body!

Get Those Lumps and Bumps Checked Out!

Typical Signs of Lipomas:

  • have a lump that is soft to touch and moveable (as opposed to a hard, stationary cyst)
  • feel no pain or discomfort within the lump (although it can be pressing on a nerve to cause discomfort)
  • are an adult between 40 to 60 years of age (it’s possible for children and young adults to have lipomas, although not as common)
  • feel the mass is very large (lipomas can grow to 6 centimeters in diameter)

Plastic Surgeons are specially trained to deal with Lipomas surgically. I have for years.  But now, with my “quick squeeze removal method” – surgery is avoided more often than not – and leaves little to no scarring.

Typical Treatments for Lipomas:

1) endoscope assisted removal:

2) suction assisted removal,

3) minimal incision removal and

4) remote incision lipoma extraction.

These all work and have been used by surgeons for decades to remove lipomas of all types.  But, some of these techniques are tedious and require extra equipment (even though they are advanced treatments).

I helped pioneer a very simple, safe and effective method that involves a simple incision and a “quick squeeze” to remove lipomas without all the extra instruments used in other methods.

Quick Overview of Quick Squeeze Lipoma Removal:

1) the lipoma is identified by palpation and its margins are outlined.

2) The area is then infiltrated with local anesthesia and is prepared and draped in standard fashion.

3) An incision approximately one quarter to one third the diameter of the lipoma is made (carried down to the lipoma capsule).

4) The lipoma is then squeezed out through the incision…without any additional dissection.

Lipomas and Keloids should be treated only by medical experts, such as myself to avoid excess scarring and unnecessary discomfort.  See my website: for complete information.  Then come in and lets talk about the treatment best suited to your concerns.

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