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Upper Body Lift

After major weight loss, hanging skin can make it difficult to maintain good hygiene, deal with uncomfortable chafing, find clothing that fits well, and to perform normal activities such as sitting down or standing up without shifting flesh.  Body Lift Surgery is an extremely effective procedure for patients struggling with these concerns.  Upper Body Lift surgery deals with full-scale upper body areas to eliminate excess, saggy skin and to lift and sculpt those areas. In an upper body lift, your surgeon corrects the arms with an arm lift while lifting and contouring the breasts using a breast lift. The back can be lifted and sculpted to remove rolls and achieve the desired contour.


Any healthy man or woman who has lost weight and is left with excessive, hanging skin could be an ideal candidate for upper body lift surgery.  You must be mature in your thinking and realistic in your expectations.

Benefits of an upper body lift

  • Corrects upper body skin laxity & rolls
  • Removes loose, saggy skin & sculpts the area
  • Reshapes the upper arms & lifts the breasts
  • Removes excess skin & rolls from the back
  • Safe, effective & very popular after massive weight loss
  • Uses excess back tissue to augment the breasts


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Your procedure will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.  Incisions for an arm lift are made from the armpit down to the elbow and excess fat and skin are removed, underlying support tissue is tightened and lifted and incisions are closed.  For breast lift surgery incision placements vary and implants may or may not be used.  During your personal consultation, your treatment plan will be discussed, explained and tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Body Lift Surgery is not an alternative to weight loss – it is a refinement tool used to remove loose, saggy skin, to lift and to sculpt the body.


Where Is The Surgery Performed?
Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell perform surgeries in a state-of-the-art surgical center that is certified and fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available today. For certain patients an overnight stay is required.

Will I Have Scars From Arm Lift Surgery?
Yes.  All surgery creates scars in varying shapes and sizes.  Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell, however, are experienced plastic surgeons who know how to artistically make incisions as inconspicuous as possible.  

What Areas of The Upper Body Are Part Of Upper Body Lift Surgery?
The chest, back and upper arms are included in Upper Body Lift Surgery to correct skin laxity in the upper body. The operation is taiored to each individual patient.

Is Liposuction Used As Part Of The Procedure?
Liposuction is used to remove excess fat the remains after initial weight loss – it is not intended to effect weight loss in upper body lift surgery. It is used in conjunction with rather than as a replacement for an upper body lift.

What Are The Expected Results From Upper Body Lift?
Upper Body Lift surgery is effective in removing large amounts of excessive skin and smoothing out skin rolls in the upper body that resulted from massive weight loss. Underlying supportive tissue is lifted and tightened which helps to sculpt and contour the upper body into a more attractive shape.

Does Insurance Cover Upper Body Lift Surgery?
Insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures.  If your surgery is performed for health reasons, then it may be covered.  Financing is available today for cosmetic procedures. Ask about it in our business office.

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The initial consultation with your surgeon is critical! It should always be face to face with your surgeon, during which time he/she listens closely to your concerns. Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell believe this time spent with you is critical to both you and him/her. It is during the consultation that your surgeon comes to fully understand your concerns, evaluates them correctly, and is then able to make the recommendations and develop the treatment plan that is right for you. Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell invest the time to sit down and talk to you face to face.

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