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The breasts are a symbol of femininity. When a woman is insecure about the appearance of her breasts, it can affect her overall self-confidence and self-image. This is especially true if the breasts are sagging or the areolas are enlarged; it can make a woman feel insecure about her overall body figure. Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, can be performed to raise sagging breasts, reduce the size of the areolas, and correct nipples that face downward. This surgical procedure can help a woman reverse the effects of aging, pregnancy, or massive weight loss and essentially bring the breasts back into their upright position.

Who Can Benefit?

If you’re considering breast lift surgery, it is important to identify the extent of your breast sagging.

Mild Ptosis

Women with mild breast ptosis have a small portion of lower breast tissue that sits below the inframammary crease. Generally, the nipples still have a good projection and point outward.

Moderate Ptosis

Women with moderate breast ptosis have a significant portion of lower breast tissue that sits below the inframammary crease. The nipples may have also begun to point downward.

Severe Ptosis

Women with severe breast ptosis have the majority of their lower breast tissue sitting below the inframammary crease. The nipples will have begun to droop and point down toward the floor.

What Do You Desire?

Addressing Your Concerns


It takes between four and six weeks to fully recover from breast lift surgery. In the initial week, you will be required to wear a specialty support bra and should avoid strenuous physical activities. After two weeks, you will slowly begin to resume your normal activities, but excess physical exertion, such as exercise, should only be done with your surgeon’s permission.


It is possible for a breast lift to result in some visible scarring, the extent of which will vary depending on the incision technique chosen for your procedure. A periareolar incision runs around the edge of the areola. A lollipop incision is placed around the areola and vertically down the lower breast tissue. An anchor incision is created around the areola, down the breast, and horizontally along the inframammary fold.


Many factors affect the cost of breast lift surgery. Geographical location, facility fees, anesthesia fees, and surgeon fees all have an effect on the ultimate cost of your procedure. However, price should only be one factor in choosing a surgeon; you should never sacrifice quality work by a board-certified plastic surgeon just to save money. Proven results matter. Financing is available if needed.


There is some slight pain associated with breast lift surgery. Immediately following your surgery, it is normal to experience redness, bruising, swelling, and soreness. To control the pain, you will be prescribed an oral pain medication and should schedule downtime for at least a few days following your surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift

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