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September 2018

Dear Dr. Davison + Staff,
Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided my son, Colin. As he left your office today he commented “Those were the nicest doctor + nurses I’ve ever had. ” As the stitches were being removed, the nurse calmed his fears with her fun, out-going personality. I am so thankful I found this practice 8 years ago. Every experience with Dr. Davison + his staff has been amazing!.

K. P.

April 2018

Dear Dr. Davison,
Your compassion, patience, humor, wisdom and incredible talent have not gone unnoticed. When we first met, I was terrified and consumed with the unknown: yet, today I feel a sense of relief and am amazed at how you put me back together. I have so much respect for you and am eternally grateful. Thank you for making me well again.

K. W.

April 2018

Moving forward with breast augmentation and selecting Dr. Steven Davison were two of the best decisions that I have made. I have always been confident with my body but after breastfeeding my only child, my body was not the same as it was pre-pregnancy. When searching for a capable, knowledgeable, and talented cosmetic surgeon with a track record of successful results, I was referred to Dr. Steven Davison by a dear friend whom had a wonderful experience with a breast reduction. She highly recommended him and boasted of a wonderful experience. I now understand her perspective. Dr. Davison is extremely respected in his field, accredited by three boards, and has the awards to prove his distinction in the cosmetic surgery field.

After my initial consultation, I was confident that Dr. Davison would give me the results that I wanted and provide a smooth surgical experience for me. I was extremely impressed by his wealth of knowledge, depth of experience, and enthusiastic confidence. His staff (including the incredible Nurse Buffy) are knowledgeable, as well as, extremely professional and kind. They provided me with the information that I needed pre- and post-surgery. When I had medical questions post-surgery and called the office, I was provided with clear answers.

Lastly, I absolutely love my results. I have my confidence back; and honestly look even more amazing than I did pre-surgery. Dr. Davison works miracles and if I require any additional services in future, I will not hesitate to place my care and body in his capable hands.

-B. C.

March 2018

I am not sure to whom I should reach out, but could you please pass along to Dr Davison and whomever the appropriate staff is, that I could not be more thrilled with the results of my eye procedure! He really is a top notch physician and I am very happy that I went back to him to have this done. The staff were also great throughout the process. I will definitely be referring others to him as well.

Thank you again,
J. B

Jan 2017

Dr. Davison was a beacon of hope and light during a dark time in my life. He transformed my post breast cancer disfigured body into something I can be proud of. I no longer feel ashamed of how I look, have to hide myself from my husband as I get dressed or look away when I see a mirror. After my final reconstructive surgery I woke up in the hospital, saw my reflection and felt I could breathe again.I went to see Dr. Davison after having had a double mastectomy, eight rounds of chemotherapy and twenty-seven radiation treatments. At the time I felt dehumanized and as if my womanhood had been stripped away. Before my breast cancer I had been voluptuous, a size DD .  My breasts were a proud part of my body and how I identified as female. After treatment I was left with horrific scars and wanting to be made whole again. The first plastic surgeon I consulted with, before meeting Dr. Davison, treated me like a piece of meat. This other doctor left me disrobed after the examination and told me at best he could make me a size B- but even that was unlikely. As I cried in his office he looked at me scornfully and left quickly. I went to see Dr. Davison for a second opinion and immediately upon entering his office felt warmth and acceptance. All members of his staff were friendly, supportive, and nonjudgmental- from the receptionist, to the nurses and even the office manager. Dr. Davison treated me with respect, answered all of my questions, and was confident he could restore me back to my original size. He did a wonderful job explaining my options and giving me the space to decide how to proceed. His work was meticulous and his responsiveness to problems top notch. The final result was exactly what was promised. I have been returned to my original breast size and am over the moon. I would highly recommend Dr. Davison for anyone who is considering plastic surgery, especially those who are breast cancer survivors. My confidence extends even to my own family, as I referred my mother to him, and she recently successfully underwent a procedure of her own.   I will always be grateful to have found Da Vinci Plastic Surgery and will always appreciate the transformation that Dr. Davison achieved- returning me back to feeling like a female and making me feel like me again.

May 2017

I tend to have a hard time finding a doctor for any purpose who is very knowledgeable, professional, and nice all at the same time.  I wanted to get breast reduction and lift surgery done for a very long time.  After extensive web research, I found Dr. Steven Davison at Davinci Plastic Surgery to be one of the top suggested choices for plastic surgery in the Washington, DC area.  As soon as I met Dr. Davison at my initial consultation appointment, I felt confident and comfortable in my choice of surgeon.  Dr. Davison helped me understand all the important facts about my surgery during my consultation appointment.  On surgery day, everyone at Dr. Davison’s office including Dr. Davison was very helpful and calming.  My surgery went extremely well and I am very grateful to Dr. Davison for having no complications and for having a very speedy recovery.  I was back to working four days after my breast reduction and lift surgery.  My follow-up appointments post-surgery were easy and quick.  It has been over two months since I got my surgery done and I’ve recovered very well and I am very happy with the results.  My quality of life has increased greatly post-surgery because I feel very happy and confident about my surgery results.  Dr. Davison is an excellent surgeon and a compassionate human being.  I strongly recommend Dr. Davison to anyone considering plastic surgery due to his incredible skill level as a surgeon and his ability to be incredibly compassionate.  – SC on May 23, 2014.

April 2014

I couldn’t be happier that Dr. Davison was my surgeon. He was so helpful and attentive.

April 2014

Dr. Davison and staff made me feel as if I were their only patient. It was wonderful knowing that I was take care of so well. I would recommend his services.

May 2013

I just wish I could find something bad to say, but I cannot. 

I simply LOVE Dr D. He was originally my mothers surgeon. She had extensive thoracic surgery due to laryngeal cancer and literally took a flap (it is a piece of skin from your leg, arm or wherever the patient has excess) and remade her neck for her. Very intricate surgery and when it was time for me to have surgery, I did not even consult another plastic surgeon. He was my first and only consideration. The fact that he is a great look on the eyes, is an added benefit but his entire staff, is impeccable. The nurses, medical assistant, PA (physician asst), and Lindsey (office manager), actually have wonderful personalities. They are prompt, courteous and have the best bed side manners one can expect from a doctor and his staff.I had three surgeries. In layman’s terms, a breast lift, tummy tuck with lipo and I’ve had my arms lifted as well as a monsplasty (pubic area lift). These were all by choice. The first surgery was my most extensive with the breast lift, tummy tuck and lipo. My finance’ loves my boobs and says how perky they are. I can barely see my scars. My tummy tuck scar is fading as well. The pre and post op appointments are necessary for patients. The pre op appointment and even prior to surgery, Dr. D will discuss everything with you. He will draw on you like a whiteboard and you’ll think you are getting all that cut. Well.. it is for the lipo. He will draw the lines for the tuck too. The anesthesiologists he uses is from Sibley Hospital. I don’t know if you know much about the hospital networks but Sibley does a great deal of work with Johns Hopkins. One of the best hospitals so your anesthesiologist will be above par. Dr. D, takes his job seriously and is very skilled. Despite all the accolades on the walls from “Best Surgeon in DC” and so forth, the best accolade I can give him is what he did for my mom and how wonderful I look and feel. Yes, I would recommend him to anyone. The entire staff- you won’t find any better. If you have surgery in his surgery center which is in his office; it is state of the art. You’ll think you are at Georgetown. I just wish I could find something bad to say, but I cannot. He is simply that good.

August 2012

I liked that everyone was always friendly and understanding (even when I was late to appointments). Also, I felt like all of the relevant information was presented to me up front, with any questions I had being answered in a polite (non-condescending) and understandable way.

June 2012

At no point did I feel rushed or pressured

I really can’t say enough about my experience thus far with Dr Davison and his staff. I was extremely pleased with my consultation with Dr Davison. He was very patient, made me feel very at ease, and thoroughly explained all procedures and allowed for all and any questions. At no point did I feel rushed or pressured, and I was also very impressed with his entire staff’s level of professionalism from my first phone call, through consultation and pre-op phone call. You have a competent staff who makes patients feel very comfortable about a situation that can certainly be uncomfortable at times. I also VERY much appreciate the staff’s attention to detail and organization. To iterate, I really can’t say enough positive things about everyone I’ve dealt with in the office thus far. The staff has managed to make something that is usually a headache (seeing doctors, keeping appointments, remembering dates and times and details) very easy because of their competence and professionalism.

March 2012

Everyone is very informative and right there for you if you have questions. It was nice being able to speak with the anesthesiologist before surgery and let him know how much I hate general anesthesia because of how sick I get and how I feared the ride home after surgery more than the surgery itself. The anesthesiologist said he would do the best he could and he sure did…….I never once got sick!!

Jan 2012

to share with all women who are thinking about receiving a labiaplasty

In a matter of an hour, Dr. Davidson had transformed something that inspired self-consciousness to a work of art. Dr. Davison,This email if for you to share with all women who are thinking about receiving a labiaplasty or any other type of surgery from DAVinci Plastic Surgery.

To any woman debating on a labiaplasty:I understand your concerns and fears. I am a female in my 20s who had been debating on the surgery for the last year. Finally, I decided I was ready, but wanted to find the right plastic surgeon, who not only could achieve beautiful results, but also wouldn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I searched on the internet reading about this procedure, reviewing photos, testimonials, and trying to deciding who was the best surgeon in the D.C. area to do the procedure.Dr. Davidson was the first surgeon I met with and within 10 minutes of talking to him, I knew he was the perfect fit. He was compassionate, excited to help me gain a new confidence, and understanding about how awkward I felt. He and his staff made me feel completely as ease.

I received my surgery in September of 2011. We all laughed in the surgery center as I watched Super Bad on my MacBook. I chose local anesthesia. Not sure that movie will ever be the same for any of us!! Within a few days I was feeling fine and by returned to work 2 days later. The area was sore for a few weeks, but healed perfectly.
Despite some swelling, I knew immediately that I loved the look of my new body part. In a matter of an hour, Dr. Davidson had transformed something that inspired self-consciousness to a work of art.
I am thrilled with my results! I never worry about that area anymore. Clothing is more comfortable and I am able to take spin classes, something that used to cause pain previously.
I HIGHLY recommend this surgery to any woman who is unhappy or uncomfortable with this body part. You don’t have to be anymore! Dr. Davidson is AMAZING and will take great care of you! I cannot thank Dr. Davidson and his staff enough for making me feel totally at ease and pleased with my overall surgery experience!
December 2011

Dr. Davison is an absolute perfectionist.

I am extremely pleased with my recent cosmetic surgery with Dr. Davison.

I have spent the last five years researching plastic surgeons, reviewing countless websites and patient reviews. I have even sought in-person consultations with three different doctors across the country.
When I moved to Washington, D.C., a trusted physician suggested that I meet Dr. Davison. He was described as a “perfectionist”.
I can say without a doubt that this was the most quintessential, perfect description.
Dr. Davison is an absolute perfectionist. He is truly an artist in the world of cosmetic surgery and I cannot imagine having gone to anyone else. In addition, he proposed natural, realistic goals for my augmentation surgery that have provided my dream look and feel.
Dr. Davison’s staff is also top-notched. From the day of my initial consultation to my surgery date, everyone has been extremely professional, patient and helpful.
I would highly recommend Dr. Davison to all of my family and friends and I will be a life-long patient of DaVinci.
October 2011

I LOVE my face… as does my husband, which is a very good thing. Mom’s very happy as well, and you’ll be seeing us both again. Your office is just great! Best, S.W.

October 2011

During the consult I felt he really listened and understood what I was trying to achieve. The staff was very attentive and professional.

My desire to pursue augmentation was fueled by me constantly looking in the mirror and not being completely satisfied with my appearance. I was also using inserts to enhance my natural bustline, hoping to achieve a natural, full look. My sister had augmentation surgery and I noticed how easy it seemed. So I started my process by simply browsing the website and starting to research plastic surgeons that were located in the area. It was hard to articulate what I was looking for out of the experience and doctor, but I knew that I know when I found it. This was a big and expensive decision, and I wanted to make sure I was careful with my selection every step of the way. I attended one consultation that was just not the experience that I was hoping for, and a second that proved to be really informative although I didn’t get the connection from the staff that I was seeking. Then, after getting referred to Dr. Davison for another procedure, I decided to go back for a real consultation. It was the initial openness, professionalism, knowledge and warmth of the staff that really helped me to make us mind. During the consult I felt he really listened and understood what I was trying to achieve. The staff was very attentive and professional. Further, I felt that Dr. Davison was very objective and honest in giving me an opinion and really seem to know what I was looking for. Things could not have gone better. My questions have never gone unanswered and I never questioned my decision. I look at my results and they are exactly what I was hoping for—a “did-she-or-didn’t-she” reaction is what I was looking for and that is what I feel that I got! My breasts look incredible I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend DAVinci Plastic. –Sincerely, G.R.S.

August 2011

The staff was incredibly friendly, professional, knowledgeable; considerate (the list goes on!)
Dr. Davison is….BY FAR THE MOST generous, meticulous, honest, intelligent, thoughtful, gracious, artistic, and humble person I have ever encountered so far in my life. There are simply not enough words to describe how grateful I am for Dr. Davison. He helped my family more than anyone will ever know and gave us hope when we thought there was nothing left. He may never truly realize the difference he has made in so many lives. He was blessed with a special gift. But what is so impressive, is that unlike most people who have a warm heart and a gift like he does, he embraces it, where most people would not. I could never clearly collect my thoughts enough to articulate exactly how he has opened my eyes and my heart. I’m not sure I ever will. All I know is that he told me one time that Moms are special people—But so is he! I am truly truly so thankful for everyone at DAVinci Plastic Surgery! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART A BILLION TIMES!!!

June 2011

Dr. Davison, As I have told you, I wanted no one to know that I had the facelift. Yesterday I went to my ophthalmologist and he asked me for any medical updates since my last visit. My first thought was to be silent and then I realized he was going to examine my eyes! I told him about my reconstruction facelift. He walked on both sides examining my face and then told me that no one would ever know. Congratulations on your compliments from my doctors! It is beautiful and amazing and I love it..>

March 2011

I wanted to update you and let you know that I got my ear prosthesis! I came back over spring break last week and got my ear! It is beautiful and amazing and I love it! None of this would have been possible without both of you taking the time to work with me from Texas and working out all my appointments long distance and working with my insurance!! I am truly grateful for both you ladies and the time you spent with me making my dream become a reality.  I am very grateful to Dr. Davison too! Thank him from me! THANK YOU again for helping me!!

March 2011

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the absolutely fantastic and professional service I received. I couldn’t be happier with the result. You all went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and that everything was perfect (and it was!)
Thank you again so very much. S.F

September 24 2010

Everyone in your office is patient centered..
I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all the tender care that you have given me. Breast cancer are two words that no one wants to hear. The solutions you suggested have made this journey much easier to bear. I am so grateful that breast reconstruction is possible today and that there are surgeons, such as yourself, willing to through the vigorous training to acquire the necessary skills. What you have done is truly remarkable! My breast feels like a real breast- who would have ever thought was even possible?Everyone in your office is patient centered. All of you have made this scary time in my life easier. Thank you for your patience and kindness during this difficult time. Sincerely, Marie

My breasts look incredible…In October 2009 I started my search for a plastic surgeon to conduct a breast augmentation on me. I visited 6 local doctors and researched 3 out of the area. My breasts look incredible I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend DAVinci Plastic.

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