The DAVinci Surgery Center was professional and so hospitable from the moment I first contacted them. My patient experience was first rate and my level of satisfaction is beyond 5 star. Dr. Davison and his staff took their time and explained everything to me, answering all questions. His precious patients have shown incredible results and couldn’t say enough positive things about him so I knew he was my choice .

for my enhance procedures. In a world where our choices are plentiful, we should only want the best for our bodies, DAVinci Surgery Center is where I feel safe and BEST taken care of. His credentials are beyond reproach. His expertise and his glowing patient reviews set him far and above his competitors. Thank you Dr. Davison & DAVinci Surgery Center staff.


I was referred to DAVinci after I had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time. Dr. Davison was a top-notch surgeon throughout the entire duration of me being under his care for three surgeries – double mastectomy, DIEP flap and final reconstruction with minor revisions. The staff were always pleasant and patient. They were always responsive to my questions or concerns. I came through my journey being pleased with the results and look better and feel more confident with my body than before, all thanks to me being in the hands of Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell. I had my final appointment with them after being cleared from my last surgery. I was nearly brought to tears of joy and gratitude when I reflected on the photos they took during my initial visit to the final photo images of my body during my last visit. When I first met Dr. Davison prior to my double mastectomy surgery, he understood my fears as it was my first time having major surgery (and during the pandemic when no one could go with you to appointments or visit you in the hospital). Dr. Davison told me they would take good care of me. I extend my sincere appreciation to DAVinci for doing just that. Wishing DAVinci all the best, and I am so fortunate that I was referred to them.


Dr Pinell is an incredible doctor. I was referred to her when I had to make a very difficult decision regarding my health. She was very reassuring and I am glad I trusted her and her caring staff. My surgery was successful and I am forever grateful to her and the care I got.


Paige and Nora are so wonderful! Always timely, Paige is a friendly face when you come in, and remembers you and so easy to talk to. Nora is incredibly professional, asks how you liked your services the last time, and listens to what you like or didn’t like. She also is fast which I appreciate! These two are an amazing duo – it’s always a treat to go see them!


Dr Davison and his entire team have been phenomenal through this journey!!! I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer while 30 weeks pregnant and an emotional wreck. Dr Davison was very kind and took the time to explain every single detail to me. I had lots of questions and was nervous about the surgery part the most. By the end of it all I was adding on to the list. I received a double mastectomy with expanders, and later implants and lipo. Dr Davison quickly gained my trust because of his confidence. And he has a great sense of fashion – that counts for something! Everyone I encountered at DAVinci is very friendly and accommodating especially Margaret. She is a great asset to the team and keeps it all in order. Not to mention, I am extremely happy with my overall results. I highly recommend this group and will definitely be back in the future. Thank you all so much!


Dr. Pinell literally changed my life! She is kind, informative, non-judgemental and truly cares about her patients happiness. When undergoing surgery, you’re really putting all your trust into your surgeon and I couldn’t have picked a better plastic surgeon. My results are better than I could have imagined and I’m thankful I chose Dr. Pinell everyday! She completely delivered on my expectations and made the process seamless. From scheduling visits, to the insurance process to the actual surgery day—everything was organized and detailed.The staff at DaVinci Plastic Surgery are incredibly helpful and patient as well. I couldn’t recommend her and her office enough!


I found Dr. Davinci one day online and just booked an appt and jumped right in no research nothing. I entrusted him with my new features. I must say he did a WONDERFUL job. Margaret and Kamilla are such positive and wonderful people. The staff members there are so warm and welcoming. The day of surgery even though I was super happy and calm they still made sure I was okay. I would never suggest picking a surgeon randomly and not do research but Dr. Davinci and staff are great and he really does improve your natural features without alternating your appearance. I can smile now and feel comfortable about my nose. In the words of Tina Turner “You’re Simply The Best”


Highly recommend. This office was recommended to me by my ENT after I had a deviated septum from a nasal injury. As a black man, one of my biggest fears was ending up looking like Michael Jackson when I concluded that I needed a nose job. My results were amazing, and gave me the results I wanted. People don’t even know that I had a nose job.

The crew at DaVinci were top notch from consultation to operation, and they made the whole process very easy. Highly recommend!!!


Some say beauty equals pain, but not at DAVinic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Davidson does an exceptional job of making me feel at ease with needles injected into my sensitive skin. I would recommend Dr. Davidson and his excellent staff to anyone who wants botox/fillers because you will be pleased with your outcome.


At no point did I feel rushed or pressured

Dr Pinell is amazing. Her work is fantastic, she’s very considerate, she listens. You can tell she really cares about her patients!!! I’ve never had a surgeon follow up with me so consistently and in person. I’m so happy with the results of my surgery. Couldn’t recommend them more!!


Absolutely amazing experience. I had a few small lipomas I wanted removed, but no one in the NYC area (where I live) would do more than one at a time; as someone active in sports, I am not cool with the downtime of having 1 removed at a time. I found Dr. Davison’s article about his quick-removal technique and set up a consultation. When I showed up, he said “let’s just take them out now”. I was thrilled at the prospect of not having to come back. The procedure went perfectly—Dr. Davison and his assistant were lovely to talk to as they worked. Within an hour, my 5 troublesome lipomas were excised (through tiny, discrete incisions), I was stitched up (using sub-surface sutures, meaning that I would not need to return for removal), and my lipomas were processed through my insurance (United).

I can’t say enough kind things about Dr. Davison and my experience at DAVinci Plastic Surgery. Well worth the 4.5hr drive from my home to the clinic.


Dr. Pinell and staff went above and beyond from my very first appointment. Kathryne made sure to help me with all my questions and paper work. Once it was surgery day, Dr Pinell made my wishes a reality. I had a reduction, lift and auto argumentation and the results in just 3 weeks are incredible. If you are thinking about seeing Dr. Pinell then DO IT. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


Dr. Davison and the entire team at DAVinci Plastic surgery are OUTSTANDING. I can’t write a more positive review about them. They are true lifesavers and I am beyond happy with their results and patient care!!


I got lip filler and was so scared but it was so much better than I thought it would be, practically painless thanks to Nora & Paige!!! 10/10 experience, they even gave me a little Botox to help calm my smile down, and just overall really personalized the treatment to my needs. Definitely going to be going back.


Best Plastic Surgeon in the DMV . My wedding is coming up next year and I am keloid free . Thank you so much I highly recommend you attend her practice


My experience with the staff was excellent. They were very professional and made the evaluation super comfortable for me. I look forward to moving forward with the prescribed plan.


Dr. Pinell is fantastic! Extremely detailed oriented, experienced and compassionate to breast cancer reconstruction. Would highly recommend her!


I love Dr. Pinell! She not only does she do great work, she is so personable. When she does a consult, you don’t feel like she’s just trying to sell you on something. She takes the time to talk to you and suggest what will have the best outcome for what you want.


I had a facelift done with Dr. Davison earlier this year and I am so happy with how everything turn out. The process seemed daunting since I had decided to have surgery on my face, but the staff walked me through all of my questions with patience and Dr. Davison even came and saw me at my house the day after surgery. I don’t remember the last time I was offered a home visit from a doctor! Overall, I won’t go anywhere else from now on. Love this place!


I felt so comfortable with Dr. Davison and his staff. I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery that included a breast reduction and lift. They accepted care credit which made it affordable for me. I am so glad I had this surgery and I really couldn’t have chosen a better doctor!!! Excellent all around!


Dr. Pinell and the medical professionals at DaVinci Plastic Surgery are beyond amazing!

Dr. Pinell was the ONLY surgeon I met with in June 2020 for my breast augmentation and again in July 2021 for my abdominoplasty. At both consultations, she patiently answered each question, addressed every concern, and helped me to set realistic goals/expectations for my post surgical body. She reassured me about the inevitable scarring but also took great care in the placement of my incisions to conceal them as much as possible. I have spent the last two summers in Dr. Pinell’s care and I have been blessed each time.

Dr. Pinell is a truly gifted surgeon whose talent can be found not just in her work but also in the team of professionals who support her. Every member of her staff is warm, engaging, and responsive.

Continue to do great work. Much success to Dr. Pinell and everyone at DaVinci Plastic Surgery.

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