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Sculptra® Aesthetic is the only facial injectable that works gradually & subtly – with results that last 2 years – sometimes longer.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is not an “overnight miracle” – nor is it a “quick fix” to remove signs of facial aging and/or fat loss resulting from HIV, but its long-lasting proven results have made it the most popular injectable treatment today.  Sculptra® Aesthetic has been around for over a decade with FDA approval for treating sunken, hollow facial areas associated with HIV and was also being used off label for anti-aging cosmetic treatment. In July, 2009, the FDA-approved Sculptra® Aesthetic for cosmetic treatment in addition to continued usage for facial lipoatrophy.  Sculptra® Aesthetic adds youthful volume to the face – instantly while long-term it stimulates your bodies own collagen renewal – and it lasts twice as long as hyaluronic acid fillers. Since its first FDA approval, our surgeons have used Sculptra® Aesthetic with excellent results to correct facial lipoatrophy and are proud to now offer patients Sculptra® Aesthetic, especially for those who can and want to postpone surgery. It provides an instant mini-facelift since it virtually works like a liquid facelift!


Once you are comfortable with local anesthetic, Sculptra Aesthetic is injected below the skin, into the treatment areas.  The procedure takes about 10 minutes or longer depending upon the number of injections needed for maximum results. Most patients see subtle visible results after one treatment – but typically 3 sessions are needed. These are spaced 3-4 weeks apart.  Soreness, puffiness and a little bruising is normal but resolves on it’s own over a few days. Schedule An Appointment

Benefits of Sculptra® Aesthetic:

  • Sculptra® Aesthetic is now FDA approved for facial wrinkles & lipoatrophy
  • Sculptra® Aesthetic stimulates your own bodies gradual collagen renewal
  • Sculptra® Aesthetic subtly achieves a smoother, more refined, more youthful look
  • Sculptra® Aesthetic corrects aging skin folds, indented chin surfaces, hollow cheeks & sunken eyes – by restoring lost volume & skin thickness
  • Sculptra® Aesthetic has been safely used since 1999 & is biocompatible
  • Sculptra® Aesthetic is an office –injectable treatment with no downtime
  • Sculptra® Aesthetic achieves remarkable results – with non-invasive techniques!


Is Sculptra Aesthetic made from animal products? No.  Sculptra Aesthetic is composed of PLLA – poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic product that is biocompatible (does not harm the body) and is biodegradable (able to be broken down by the body). PLLA is not made from human or animal sources. How long has PLLA been in use? PLLA has been widely used for many years in dissolvable stitches, soft tissue implants Is skin-testing required before starting Sculptra Aesthetic treatments? No. Since it is not made from human or animal sources – skin testing is not needed. What does long-lasting mean relative to Sculptra Aesthetic treatments? Since Sculptra Aesthetic promotes the body’s own collagen production – the results have proven to last up to 2 years and occasionally longer. Touch-up sessions are chosen by most patients so they can keep looking great. How does Sculptra Aesthetic differ from other dermal fillers? There are several wonderful options today – and each has its own virtues.  Most dermal fillers do just that – they fill in space under the skin to smooth out lines and wrinkles.  They last a few months to a year.  Sculptra Aesthetic promotes collagen production – so that when the  PLLA particles have broken down – the restructured collagen is still in place giving the face fullness and contour. How many Sculptra Aesthetic sessions are needed for the best results? This varies from patient to patient. Your specialist will be able to determine your needs and tailor your personalized treatment plan during your personal consultation. Will insurance pay for Sculptra Aesthetic treatments? Insurance does not normally pay for cosmetic procedures, but there is financing available for cosmetic procedures.  Ask about it in our business office. Does Sculptra Aesthetic correct the cause of HIV related Lipoatrophy? No.  Sculptra Aesthetic improves the appearance by increasing volume and skin thickness in the treated areas. Who will administer the Sculptra Aesthetic injections? Our specialists have many years of experience in performing all dermal injection procedures.  This is very important for you to know because not few people are really trained and qualified to give injectable treatments. It requires a combination of  artistic and scientific ability to ensure a good outcome.

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