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Considering Liposuction? Don’t Miss Out on Your Chance to Be Recovered by Summer

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Let’s be honest, nearly each one of us has some extra fat on our bodies that we’d love to get rid of. And while nothing beats a healthy diet and regular exercise, sometimes these just aren’t enough to remove pockets of stubborn fat from our bodies. 

This is where plastic surgery comes in. Liposuction is one of the most trusted and commonly performed cosmetic procedures each and every year. 

attractive couple having fun on the beach while wearing straw hats

Liposuction can help you shed that extra flub so that you’ll be ready to show off your newly sculpted body to the world. And what better time than summer to do that, right? 

Summer means pool parties and hanging out at the beach, and you want to have a beach body just like your favorite celebrity! With liposuction, you’ll be able to feel comfortable with your appearance so that you can show off your contours in bathing suits, bikinis, and cute summer outfits. 

What Is Liposuction?

With over 210,000 procedures performed in 2020, liposuction is one of the most popular and successful plastic surgery procedures available. Liposuction removes stubborn subcutaneous fat from various areas of your body. 

And the best part is that once the fat is removed, it is gone for good!

Liposuction surgery takes anywhere from one to several hours to be completed and is performed under local or general anesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. 

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, which means that Dr. Davison or Dr. Pinell will only make small incisions in your skin. This will result in only minor scarring that will fade over time. It is through these small incisions that your plastic surgeon will insert a cannula (a thin tube) to break up the fat deposits under your skin. After this fat is loosened, it is vacuumed out of your body through the cannula.

Because liposuction offers such dynamic results, it is often used in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures, such as:

What Are the Benefits of Liposuction?

The benefits of liposuction are both physical and mental. Stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t get rid of will be gone, and you’ll be left with a thinner and more contoured physique. 

In addition to that, you’ll be able to feel confident about the way you look. Instead of covering up with clothing or towels, you’ll be able to enjoy the water, sun, and sand this summer!

Why Do I Need to Act Now?

As much as we’d like them to be, liposuction results aren’t immediate. Generally speaking, it takes one to three months for your liposuction results to become final (and for all swelling to subside), which means that you’ll need to schedule your consultation soon so that you can have that summer body ready for those hot months.

Before and after image showing the results of a liposuction treatment performed in Washington, DC.

You can see more transformations by visiting our liposuction before and after photo gallery.

Interested in Learning More About Liposuction?

If you are looking to finally get that beach body you’ve always wanted, then give us a call at 202-966-9590 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Liposuction

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Millions of women and men struggle with excess fat deposits, causing them to feel less confident in their bodies. You may even be at your ideal weight but self-conscious about your flabby upper arms, love handles, belly pooch, or other common problems that negate your toned physique. 

Thin woman exposing abs while leaning against a wall.

For individuals unable to achieve their aesthetic goals by conventional means, liposuction is an excellent plastic surgery treatment that can help you achieve a sleeker, more proportionate body.

Here are some top reasons why you might consider having liposuction.

1. To Eliminate Diet and Exercise-Resistant Fat

Sometimes, even with an active, healthy lifestyle that incorporates strict diets and exercise routines, it can be incredibly difficult to remove pockets of flab from your body. 

Liposuction effectively eliminates isolated, bulging areas of localized fatty deposits anywhere in the body to achieve a more flattering contour.

2. Nearly Any Area of the Body Can Be Treated

For patients looking to target multiple areas for a more dramatic change in their body contour, liposuction is a suitable choice. The versatility of the procedure allows it to be used virtually anywhere to achieve the changes you desire. This includes (but is not limited to) the abdomen, back, flanks, thighs, hips, etc.

3. Liposuction Offers Permanent Results

With liposuction, fat is removed instantly and permanently. 

When your treatment is complete, the removed fat cells are gone for good. However, the remaining fat cells can expand with significant weight gain, so patients are advised to keep up with physical fitness and make wise decisions in diet to maintain their results.

4. Can Be Combined With Other Procedures for More Dramatic Results

Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures such as tummy tuck surgery, breast lift surgery, upper body lift surgery, and other skin-tightening procedures for the best results. 

Autologous fat transfer can also be performed for patients who desire more extensive body contouring.

5. You Are Ready to Look Slim, Fit, and Toned

For people who have put in the work to lose weight and improve their strength and health, liposuction can help them sculpt their physiques even further. The procedure allows you to achieve a more toned, fit, and proportionate body and create a better silhouette that makes you look and feel your best.

It is important to note that liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss or a treatment for obesity. Ultimately, the ideal candidate should be in good overall health, have minimal skin laxity, and have realistic expectations of the procedure’s outcome.

Interested in Learning More?

While not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure, we encourage you to book an appointment with our experienced plastic surgeons to discuss your desires and determine if liposuction is the right option for your specific needs. Contact us today at 202-966-9590 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation.

Will People Be Able to Tell That I Had Liposuction?

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When people look into having plastic surgery, one of the first concerns is whether their results will be natural-looking. Many people wish to keep their procedures a secret, and that is okay. 

You do not have to tell people you had liposuction if you do not want to. Additionally, your results will likely not give your secret away.

Woman standing on a city street, wrapped in jacket and scarf

Liposuction is not something everyone will notice, especially if performed by a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon with a strong sense of anatomy and an artistic eye. Here is why.

Minimal Scarring

Liposuction provides natural results with little-to-no scarring. Unlike some surgical procedures, liposuction surgery requires small incisions that keep scarring at a minimum. 

These incisions are carefully placed along your body’s natural lines to make any necessary scarring discreet and easy to camouflage or conceal with clothing.

Sculpts Multiple Body Areas for Natural Definition

Liposuction is performed on virtually any area of the body, including the abdomen, waistline, back, buttocks, hips, to permanently eliminate fat and provide a leaner, improved body contour. 

Your surgeon can target specific areas while ensuring a smooth transition from one treatment zone to another. This ensures your new contours blend seamlessly with your body’s natural curvature, so you do not look like you really underwent surgery but rather lost the extra weight.

Advanced Liposuction Technology

With modern liposuction technology, it is much easier and quicker to remove large or small amounts of body fat in a highly precise and controlled way to achieve a slim and proportional profile that looks smooth and natural.

Further, patients can enjoy beautiful results with faster recovery as compared to traditional liposuction. Besides the shorter recovery period, there is also less bruising, scarring, pain, swelling, and general discomfort. 

Gone are the days of patients getting stuck in recovery mode after liposuction surgery. This means you can have the surgery and get back to work or exercise in a reasonable amount of time without raising suspicions.

The most important factor in achieving incredible, natural-looking results is choosing a skilled plastic surgeon who can use a variety of tools to help you obtain the results you desire.

Maintaining Your Liposuction Results

While liposuction permanently removes unwanted fat cells from the treatment area, the remaining fat cells can expand if you gain weight, diminishing your results. Patients are advised to maintain a stable weight before and after the surgery by sticking to a healthy lifestyle. So, exercise regularly and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet to keep your smooth, toned contours and enjoy long-lasting results.

Check Out Our Liposuction Gallery!

If you would like to see how liposuction has benefited our previous patients, visit our liposuction before and after gallery.

Before and after image showing the results of a liposuction treatment performed in Washington DC.

Interested in Liposuction in D.C.?

To learn more about how liposuction can naturally improve your body contours, contact us at 202-966-9590 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation with us at DAVinci Plastic Surgery.

Neck Liposuction or Neck Lift? Which One Is Right for Me?

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As we age, the skin of the neck (along with the rest of the face) loses elasticity and begins to loosen and sag. This leads to a “turkey neck” appearance or vertical banding of the neck that makes you look much older. Loose skin and muscles can also be accompanied by excess fat under your chin, leading to the loss of jawline and face angularity.

Close-up image of Asian woman's neck with her hand caressing her neck contours.

Achieving a more contoured neckline through plastic surgery is the most effective way of reclaiming your youthful looks. Unlike the face, you can’t temporarily fix sagging skin with fillers or skin firming creams. Cosmetic surgery and treatments are your top options!

Neck Contouring Options: Neck Lift Vs. Neck Liposuction

Neck lift surgery and neck liposuction are two of the most popular neck contouring procedures for patients seeking to improve the neck contours and restore a more attractive jawline.

Although neck liposuction and neck lift surgery are both procedures that improve the neck’s appearance, they treat two different issues. It’s important to know the difference between the two and what results you can expect.

How Neck Lift Works

If your neck exhibits moderate to severe sagging, a neck lift can reposition sagging skin and remove its excess and/or tighten loose neck muscles to restore a smoother and better-defined neckline. Your neck lift procedure can be incorporated into a facelift when your skin concerns extend up into the mid-face.

Benefits of a neck lift include:
  • Reduction/elimination of neck banding
  • Reduced appearance of neck wrinkles and creases
  • A more defined jawline
  • Improved neck appearance
  • Long-lasting results

How Neck Liposuction Improves Neck Contours

For patients with the dreaded “double chin” or that unattractive fullness underneath the chin, neck liposuction is recommended to enhance the area and balance facial features.

With neck liposuction — also referred to as submental liposuction — excess fat below the jaw is removed to create a more sculpted contour. A notable benefit of the procedure is that the harvested fat can be used to reverse significant facial volume loss with fat transfer techniques.

Neck liposuction, when performed alone, is ideal for younger patients with stubborn neck fat and good skin elasticity, as the skin can still contract sufficiently after surgery. For patients with excess sagging, a neck lift surgery will be performed in conjunction with liposuction to achieve a more defined profile.

Therefore, if your skin has lost its elasticity, neck lift surgery or a combination of the two procedures is the only way to achieve a more delicate, naturally youthful neck contour.

Let DAVinci Plastic Surgery Help You Choose the Best Neck Contouring Procedure for You!

During your consultation, Dr. Davison or Dr. Pinell will evaluate your neck area and skin firmness to develop a custom treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns.

Contact us today at 202-966-9590 or fill our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our highly experienced plastic surgeons.

Liposuction As an “Add On” Procedure

Sometimes there’s just one thing about your features that you’d like to change. It’s been something you’ve thought about for years and even though your happiness isn’t based on solving this issue, it’s something you have a deep desire to address. Sometimes it’s just that one thing, whether it’s Rhinoplasty to straighten that broken nose, Breast Augmentation to restore what breastfeeding depleted, Eyelid Lift (blepharoplasty) to improve vision or appearance of alertness, a Tummy Tuck to smooth the sagging abdominal skin from lost weight or something else.

When planning your plastic surgery together, we will keep the main thing the main thing, however in some cases it makes sense to address some other issues in a safe and simple way. One option is to add on Liposuction to take care of those stubborn spots holding on to fat.

When I suggest adding on Liposuction, in no way do intend to take away from my patient’s primary goal. Often times, my patients don’t even realize they have option of this as an “add on.” Once the option is on the table, it really makes sense to a lot of folks. You’re already undergoing anesthesia and a recovery time, and liposuction doesn’t add much complication to this process. It also can enhance the results of your other body contouring procedures for an even more appealing overall result. Here are a couple of the most popular procedures that pair well with Liposuction as an “add on.”

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

This procedure is geared towards eliminating loose or hanging skin from the arms. With age and significant weight loss, Brachioplasty helps your arms to look more smooth and toned. Often times it works well to include Liposuction to also remove any stubborn fat hanging on too.

Breast Reduction

Most women undergo this procedure to help with the neck, shoulder and back pain associated with overly large breasts. A Breast Reduction involves removal of breast tissue and excess skin, but may also benefit from the removal of fat for ideal contoured results. Often a Breast Lift is helpful for the relocation of the nipple in proportion to the new breast size.

Breast Augmentation

Often the desired outcome of a Breast Augmentation is to enhance body symmetry and balance of curves. Liposuction can add to the effectiveness of this procedure for some women by removing stubborn fat pockets in the waist, abdomen, hips or inner/outer thighs. This furthers contour the body into a “wow worthy” smooth, hourglass figure.

Liposuction as a stand alone or “add on” procedure is the most effective way to remove stubborn fat pouches that diet or exercise can’t touch. It’s one of the most desired body contouring procedures for good reason. Let’s talk about how Liposuction can enhance your body’s curvature by visit to schedule your consultation today.

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon


Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Times

In the hands of a triple board certified surgeon like myself, you know you’re giving yourself the best chance possible for wonderful cosmetic surgery results. Learn more about my triple board certification and credentials here. As much as I can do a fantastic surgery for you, what happens after the surgery room is up to you and your body.

In addition to following our post operative care instructions, you can give yourself the best chance possible for healing properly by allowing for enough recovery time and taking these measures:

  • Rest and relax (binge watch a new show on Netflix)
  • Don’t lift anything beyond prescribed weight limits
  • Take time off from work
  • Enlist someone to help you with physical tasks and emotional support
  • Eat well, including healthy fats from avocados and salmon
  • Drink a lot of water

So what does allowing for enough recovery time look like? Here is a break down by the most popular surgeries, so that you can start planning for the ideal time in your schedule. First we will start with the face and then the next blog will cover the recovery for the most popular body procedures.

Remaining upright, on pain meds, and out of sight for at least a week will be your post surgery recovery for Rhinoplasty. Except for the necessary post op visits to remove your packing and splint, you’ll want to take it real easy. There will be significant bruising and swelling around the eyes and midface for at least a week. While you’ll likely feel able move around by the end of the week, you’ll probably want to plan to stay out of work, order take out and delivery groceries for 1 to 2 weeks. Swelling and bruising will settle down by a month, but depending on the degree of nose alteration, it could be up to a year until things look and feel like the new normal.

Your first 1 to 2 nights should be spent with someone to help you. While you should definitely be resting, you can get up to walk around to help with blood circulation for healing. The swelling and stitches along your hairline will require you to take 2 to 3 weeks off of work. After that you can cover most of it with styling your hair and makeup while you continue to recover for the rest of the month. You will probably look a little swollen or tight for a few months, but the final results of healing should be complete within a year.

Jaw and Neck Liposuction
For a facial procedure, this has a relatively quick recovery time. It’s normal to have bruising and need to wear a compression chin strap for a week. Bruising often travels down the lower neck and even into the upper chest. Sutures are removed within 3 to 5 days and the scar under the chin isn’t ever visible in a normal profile view. Any muscle weakness affecting the lips should subside in 2 weeks. You should be happy with the swelling usually resolved by 3 months.

Steven Davison, M.D.

Triple Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

How to Decide: SculpSure, Liposuction or Tummy Tuck?

Options are great. Helping you find and execute the right option for your goals is what I do best. When it comes to weight loss, there are a variety of ways to contour the body. Ideally in all cases, you should be taking care of your body with a good diet and exercise. Sometimes the weight loss resulting from a healthy lifestyle leaves excess skin, and sometimes it leaves behind pockets of fat that just won’t budge. Here are some suggestions for handling these situations:

Lots of Loose Skin After Weight Loss

What a great feeling it is to finally shed that extra weight. It’s a physical and emotional relief. However sometimes the uncomfortable reminder of stretched, loose, saggy skin is left behind. This is not what anyone hopes for after the discipline and hard work to lose enough weight to have this issue. The amount of pounds lost, age, diet, hydration and skin elasticity all are factors in the degree of loose skin. Fortunately, in the case where there’s a good amount of loose skin, Abdominoplasty, also called the Tummy Tuck, is a comprehensive abdominal sculpting procedure to sculpt and smooth this area. Any excess skin and fat will be trimmed, the abdomen flattened, and the belly button positioned properly. Recovery can take 1 to 4 weeks depending on how much contouring is done, and the long scar, which is considered a more preferred trade off than the large degree of sagging skin, will be hidden within the bikini line.

Little to No Loose Skin, Consider Lipo

When there is good skin elasticity, but a notable amount of stubborn fat, Liposuction could be the solution. This surgery will make the abdomen thinner but not tighter, so good skin and muscle tone is key to a smooth outcome. There is minimal scarring with Liposuction and about half the recovery time of Abdominoplasty.

SculpSure for Small Stubborn Fat Pockets

SculpSure is not designed for dramatic weight loss results, but is for those subtle, yet bothersome spots that you want to smooth out. It’s wonderful that there is a clinically proven, FDA approved laser treatment that is effective and has absolutely no down time. Literally you can get a treatment over your lunch break and return to work or your work outs that day. In the targeted treated areas, SculpSure eliminates 24% of fat cells, which do not ever return. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle once you’ve gotten SculpSure will mean that you won’t have to worry about those love handles or stubborn belly pooch returning.

The smooth, flat abs you desire could be a reality. Let me help you consider the best option for your body contouring goals, no matter how dramatic or subtle they may be. Visit today.

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Mothers Love Mommy Makeovers

Mother’s Day is approaching soon and it is time to show love and honor the mothers in our lives. Last blog we talked about giving the gift of youthfulness to moms. For some, they’re satisfied with a day at the spa, for others, they’d like longer term youth enhancing effects of a Filler Facelift. And yet there’s another more entailed way to give the gift of rejuvenation to the mother in your life, and that’s with a cosmetic procedure.

Making the decision for plastic surgery is not an overnight decision nor something to just “pop up” with as a gift. However, there are mother’s who’ve been talking about wanting a procedure to help restore confidence and some youthfulness to their face or figure. These are the women who would be over the moon ecstatic if you said for Mother’s Day “go for it” on that surgery to help revitalize and restore her physically and in turn, emotionally.

The physical toll a mom has on her body manifests in different ways. Most often the act of bearing and breastfeeding children catalyze the most drastic changes any woman’s body will go through. More often than not, this miraculous act leaves some marks. These signs of motherhood are something many women are proud to bear, but others would rather see things looking back to an earlier time frame.

These procedures are particularly helpful for the body issues that moms deal with:

  1. Breast Augmentation and Breastlift restores and improves breasts that really can take a toll through the weight fluctuations of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Often breasts end up deflated and sagging after childbearing years, which can be a real bummer for moms who still are young.
  2. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) addresses the issues from damaged abdomen muscles, residual stubborn adipose fat and stretched skin. Growing a baby requires extreme expanding and contracting of the abdomen, which leaves unwanted effects for many women. Tummy tuck restores confidence and a smooth abdomen.
  3. Liposuction eliminates those stubborn fat pockets that came with pregnancy and hormone changes that sometimes a healthy diet and exercise just don’t address. With liposuction, those undesirable bulges in on the abdomen, hips, and thighs can be streamlined and contoured for satisfaction with those body curves.
  4. Labiaplasty is a FemGen procedure that is gaining more popularity. Even after healing from a vaginal birth, that area can remain uncomfortable and not aesthetically preferable. Labiaplasty can help the nether regions feel normal again to restore confidence and comfort.

For those mothers who’ve already expressed an interest in surgery, giving the gift of a restored body for Mother’s Day could be the best way to honor and encourage them. It can say, “I love you how you are and appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made as a mother, but want you to love and feel confident in your motherhood and body, too.” To talk about how to go about supporting the mother in your life in this way, you can schedule a consultation to talk about any of these Mommy Makeover procedures at

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon













The Degree of Tummy Tuck

I customize an adaptation of the Tummy Tuck for each patient depending on the degree of loose skin, separated abdomen muscles, excess fat and other factors. However, for general understanding, there are terms that describe the degree of surgery, which involves how much of an area the Abdominoplasty is to address.

For example, while the names of the different degrees of Abdominoplasty wouldn’t be exactly the same thing for every patient, generally they would acknowledge how high on the abdomen or how far around the torso that the surgery would address. Here is a general definition of the types of Abdominoplasty and the differences between them:

  1. Mini Tummy Tuck addresses a smaller abdominal region, usually just a little pooch under the belly button. This is an area that, despite consistent healthy diet and exercise, just won’t go away. It can be a combination of any or all of excess skin from weight loss, stubborn adipose tissue, and the lower separation of the abdominal muscles due to pregnancy or injury. A mini Tummy Tuck only addresses the lower abdomen, so it doesn’t require moving the belly button. This option has a smaller incision and recovery is the fastest.
  2. Full, Complete or “Classic” Tummy Tuck addresses fat, muscle and skin from a larger region. It contours the full abdomen area from just below the breasts down to the pubic area. This is necessary for more extreme contouring scenarios were there is a pouch or skin flap above and below the belly button. Since the complete abdomen is being contoured, the reconstruction of the navel is possibly necessary. A naval area incision hidden within the belly button can address upper abdominal region and a lower incision from hip to hip (which can usually be hidden within the bikini line) will allow for full frontal contouring. This results in a smooth, flat abdomen with a beautiful, tight, anatomically correct belly button.
  3. Extended Tummy Tuck contours the abdomen and waist to address both belly and love handles. It addresses the frontal abdomen area with the Full Tummy Tuck, but extends the incision so that liposuction and skin tightening can occur further around the body to contour the flanks, as well.

As long as weight at the time of the surgery is maintained, the smooth, flattened abdomen results should be permanent. This is why its recommended for women to wait to have a Tummy Tuck until after their done having children. Some women combine Abdominoplasty with Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift or Liposuction to other areas for a complete body makeover.

 Having a smooth, flat abdomen is healthier, and looks great for both men and women. Feel great about you look in a swimsuit or form fitting clothes. Schedule your Tummy Tuck consultation today at

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Looking Into Liposuction?

This tried and true surgery for removing fat has proven its effectiveness over decades. If you’re looking into Lipo, there are a few ways to tell if it’s the best option for you. It may be perfect alone or in combination with other procedures for your ideal results.


Goodbye Stubborn Bulges

Liposuction is great for people who have already reached or are near their ideal weight yet are struggling to lose those fat bulges in stubborn spots. After getting healthy with a good diet and exercise routine, Liposuction is perfect for contouring those areas of the body with that hard to lose fat. Liposuction has these wonderful effects:

  • smoothes the thighs to eliminate saddle bags or create less inner thigh friction
  • lumps above or behind the knees are contoured so that this area of the leg is not prominent
  • flattens out that lower abdomen to take care of fat, for example from that stubborn post baby belly pooch
  • minimizes the hip’s muffin top for a more comfortable and flattering fit in your clothes
  • bra fat bulges aren’t detracting from the upper body curves that should be there
  • even eliminates double chin if the skin has good elasticity

Farewell Fat Cells

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells from the body so they are gone forever. This gives you a great benefit in keeping the weight off because we don’t produce any new fat cells. However, the fat cells that aren’t removed can expand, so this means it’s incredibly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to continue enjoying the beautiful benefits from Liposuction.



Skin and the Scale

A common misconception is that Liposuction can be used to remove fat instead of healthy diet and exercise. It is not intended as a way for you to lose weight. You might actually not see a huge difference in that number on the scale. However, you will see it in inches and how your clothes fit.

Another consideration is the elasticity of the skin. We don’t want to have loose, hanging skin left in the area where the fat was removed. If there is stretched skin from previous weight loss, and liposuction is needed to eliminate those last stubborn fat cells, it can be combined with Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Neck Lift or other skin trimming procedure for the best body contouring results. It also can be combined with the non invasive laser treatment SculpSure to melt away small mounts of fat and slightly tighten the skin.


An additional benefit of Liposuction is that you can use the fat that is removed from where you DON’T want it and insert it to areas where you DO want it. Using your own fat is the most natural way to restore volume to the areas of your face and body that you’d like to plump up. This could be used to enhance your breasts, butt, facial features and even boost the look of your six pack or other muscles. This additional body rejuvenation can be done in the same session as the Liposuction for an overall body benefit.

So if you’re looking into Liposuction as a body contouring option, let’s talk about what it can do for you. Schedule a consultation at

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Plan Your Procedures

While you may initially come into my office to address an immediate beauty need, we will take the time in our consultation to talk about your long term beauty goals and to help you with a plan. This plan may start off with some non invasive treatments, such as a Liquid Facelift using a variety of injectables to touch up and rejuvenate some crows feet, furrowed brows or mouth parenthesis creases. Then it might build into a 5 to 10 year plan for a mini facelift to address slightly sagging jowls and neck or Blepharoplasty to open up drooping eyelids for a brighter, more rested looking eye area. Either way, this plan should not only focus on immediate needs, but incorporate treatments for future youth restoration goals and maintenance.

Cosmetic surgery and non invasive treatments can easily be performed all year long, however, there are certain times of year that lend themselves to easily incorporate the rest and recovery that make it more convenient. Also, there are also certain issues you may want to address before a special event (think: high school reunion or holiday party) or time of year (think: bikini season).

Here is a seasonal surgery guide with suggestions for planning your procedure:


After the activity of summer and before the flurry of winter festivities, the fall season offers a perfect break in the social calendar for most people. This means that recovery time away is easy to schedule. Also, the cooler weather means clothes with more coverage and comfort. After getting any kids and grandkids settled into school, the scheduled routine or empty nest would allow for effortless predictability and rest for scheduling a surgery. It also will allow plenty of healing time for you to approach the holidays recovered and looking great. This is a good time for anything from Liposuction, Blepharoplasty, Facelift to Breast Augmentation. Fall is my first choice for cosmetic procedures.


This season offers some good opportunities for cosmetic surgeries. Before the new year, the injectables are the best because you can’t afford downtime between Thanksgiving and New Years, but January is the perfect month to kick off the New Year with a big step towards your beauty and healthy body goals. Winter scarves and turtlenecks easily cover the bruising or swelling from Kybella or a Facelift. Also the bulkier clothes will conceal any over night changes to the body from a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction. The Martin Luther King and Presidents Day holidays allow for long weekends and time off work without the usual holiday social schedule.


These are the months to rejuvenate and refresh yourself along with the start of a new season, and to prepare for the summer season. Body image procedures such as Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, and Breast Augmentation are popular this time of year. Also, by this time, some of the results from New Years resolutions for weight loss have a chance to kick in and become a habit so that body contouring can have optimal results.


Surgery can be a success in the summer, but it’s crucial to stay out of the sun. The heat and sweat can be irritating during recovery. It’s always a great time for injectables like Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra since these injectables are in and out so you’re on your way to looking fabulous for your vacation. Another fabulous non invasive, body contouring rpocedure to trim away small puches of stubborn fat is SculpSure. Popular summer break surgical procedures are Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty between the school years.

Let me help you make your procedure plan for your ideal image by scheduling a consultation today at

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Liposuction…to be Bikini Body Ready

shutterstock_27425314Bikini Ready Body with Liposuction

While the snow is blowing and frozen weather is keeping us bundled up, getting into a bikini is probably a distant dream. But now is a better time than you may think to start getting your body ready for the bathing suit season. Here’s why:

  • bulky bundled up clothes hide any swelling, bruising and over night body changes
  • frigid weather makes us all want to just cozy up by the fireplace and rest our bodies
  • the extra layer of post op compression clothes fit nicely as another layer for warmth

Is liposuction right for you? Whether it’s genetics or aging, some of those stubborn fat pouches just won’t come off with diet and exercise. If you are in healthy condition, liposuction can help sculpt and smooth them away. This procedure isn’t intended to be a complete body transformation surgery, but it is safer and more effective than ever if you’re in the right hands.

The best results in the best hands… Depending on the state, some laws allow licensed physicians to designate themselves as “plastic” or “cosmetic” surgeons, even if they have no specialized surgical training. This is why is it is crucial for prospective patients to select their doctor with care. I am one of the only TRIPLE BOARD CERTIFIED surgeons in the Washington, DC area. My outstanding reputation is spoken through my satisfied patients, years as a professor at Georgetown University, hundreds of articles on surgical procedures and safety, and many awards and elections to prestigious surgical societies. Liposuction may seem like a very simplified surgery compared to others, but as with any surgery, there are risks and so the safest most effective results are accomplished in the best hands.

What does liposuction involve? After our consultation, the surgery will be schedule to take place in our state of the art surgery outpatient center. To ensure your comfort throughout the procedure, you will receive anesthesia including an infusion of saline solution with lidocaine before your surgery. Liposuction requires one or more incisions so that the cannula, a small tube used to loosen the fat, and a vacuum attached to it, safely suctions excess fat and sculpts the area. The. For small areas, such as the face, a syringe can precisely harvest fat that can be purified and used for grafting other areas.

Liposuction for the large and small areas… The advances in technology, specialized tools, and my expert techniques allow me to target large or very small localized areas with more precision and less trauma than with older techniques that still may be used by other surgeons.  Liposuction can be used to remove fat from the:

  • tummy
  • breasts
  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • back
  • face
  • neck

Liposuction along with other procedures… Liposuction is an ideal compliment to other body contouring procedures, such as a Butt Augmentation, Thigh Lift, and Tummy Tuck. Any of these could be part of a much desired Mommy Makeover to restore your body after all the changes that take place through childbearing.

Start preparing your body now for those warm weather months that may seem so far away, but will be here before you know it. Banish those stubborn bulges with liposuction. Visit

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