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Should You Inject Loose Silicone Into the Butt?

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Despite the recent news coverage and scientific discoveries behind the dangers of injecting loose silicone into the butt for enhanced projection, many women and men are still participating in this practice. While it’s great to have a well-shaped behind, the idea of injecting something that is deemed fatal by medical societies is — no doubt — terrifying and should be discouraged.

Close-up of woman's butt wearing gray thong underwear.

What Are the Dangers of Silicone Injections?

Unlike the safer medical-grade silicone used in breast implants, loose silicone injections are unsafe and not approved by the FDA. In most situations, the silicone injections are performed by sham doctors who operate unlicensed clinics and only care about the money.

When loose silicone is injected in high quantities, as in the case of butt augmentation, there is an increased risk of vascular occlusions and deadly embolism if silicone enters a gluteal blood vessel and travels to the heart or lungs. Injectable silicone can also lead to other complications like infection, pain, irreversible injuries, granulomas (hard lumps), scarring, and disfigurement. 

Many of these complications may occur right after treatment or months or years later. This is not a risk worth taking, even though it’s intended to be a cheaper and quicker alternative to surgical procedures.

It’s quite unfortunate that some patients are falsely informed they are receiving an FDA-approved dermal filler only to be injected with silicone. 

Until more patients are safe from these harmful practices, plastic surgeons and the aesthetic medicine community must become advocates for safe and healthy aesthetic enhancement measures.

Brazilian Butt Lift: Is It a Safer Alternative?

If you are looking for a safer and better alternative to enhance the shape and size of your backside, you may want to consider getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This is one of the most popular options for creating a plumper and natural-looking butt. A Brazilian Butt Lift allows for total reshaping of the hips and butt through the use of own fat, harvested via liposuction from areas such as the thighs, abdomen, hips, or back.

Unlike butt implants which come in standard shapes and sizes, a BBL is completely customizable, meaning you can obtain the right amount of fullness you seek. Your surgeon will expertly sculpt the area to make the desired enhancements that complement your natural body shape. 

Besides improving the size and roundness of the butt, you also lose fat from other areas of the body, which creates an overall shapelier body and boosts confidence.

What Do Fat Injections to the Butt Look Like?

If you are looking for a safer injectable option for the buttocks, fat transfer is your way to go. Visit our butt augmentation before and after gallery to see how this treatment has helped our previous patients.

Before and after image showing the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift performed in Washington, DC.

Interested in Learning More?

When considering any butt enhancement procedure, choosing highly qualified and extensively trained plastic surgeons like Dr. Davison or Dr. Pinell is imperative. 

Contact us today at 202-966-9590 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and gain a more realistic idea of how a butt augmentation procedure may give you the results you desire. We look forward to hearing from you.

Triple Benefits to the Tummy Tuck

Warmer weather is on its way and soon after is bathing suit season. For some, the excitement is stifled by anxiety over body image. One big concern is the belly bulge from fat or due to loose skin because of weight loss. While there are some non surgical fat melting options now, they have limitations and don’t have a strong affect on stretched out skin or any affect on abdominal muscle repair. This is why Abdominoplasty, also known as the “Tummy Tuck” is the most effective and desired means of contouring the stomach area. But the benefits are triple fold and we will discuss them here.

No Shame in the Belly Pooch Game

While some cases of flabby tummy are due to excess fat, there are many reasons that contribute to this problem that are difficult to control. One example of a good reason you may be left with a belly bulge is from weight change. It could be from modifying an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one or even from pregnancy. Even though losing weight or having a baby are wonderful things, most people still don’t like the end result of extra flabby skin and maybe a little stubborn belly pooch that won’t go away. Other causes are:

  • normal ageing
  • previous surgeries
  • gravity
  • illness
  • abdominal separation also called diastasis recti

Farewell to the Belly Flab

While Liposuction alone may be a great option for some people, Abdominoplasty doesn’t just address removal of fat. It has a multi faceted approach to address all factors causing the bulge. Abdominoplasty contours flatter abs by any or all of these means:

  • removing fat
  • removing excess skin
  • tightening muscles
  • contouring the firmness and shape of the abdomen

Triple Benefits to Tummy Tuck

Your tummy bulge may be caused by a separation in the abdominal muscles, also known as diastasis recti. It can happen in anyone, but commonly is a result of the extra pressure put on the abdomen but the expanding uterus in pregnancy. This separation of the core abdominal muscles not only causes a belly bulge that won’t go away after weight loss and exercise, but it can have other uncomfortable side effects.

An Australian study with 214 women demonstrated that Abdominoplasty with muscle repair helped the majority of patients with their back pain and urinary incontinence. So the triple benefit of Abdominoplasty in the cases of diastasis recti is that you’ll have:

  • a flat tummy resulting from closing the bulging gap between the abdominal muscles
  • repaired core muscles and the ability to strengthen them unlike before so that you could also have less or no more back pain
  • better urinary control because of the abdominal muscles’ link to the pelvic floor muscles

Abdominoplasty can help you look and feel better. Flat abs can be yours in time for swimsuit season if you start the process now. Schedule a Tummy Tuck consultation to determine the best options for you at

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Beauty Routines for Supple Winter Skin

As Winter is persisting, our skin really pays the price. Heat, cold, and dryness really takes their toll, and we feel it. Irritated winter skin isn’t just uncomfortable, it can look noticeably aged and dull. Giving your skin some extra TLC during this season can assist your cosmetic procedures in helping your skin look its best. Here are some ideas for your skin to stay soft and supple in the winter.


Moisture Reviving Skin Care

Your skincare routine cannot remain the same in the winter. Here are some beauty habits to replenish your skin of moisture:

  • Stay away from very sudsy washes, as the soaping agent is sodium laurel sulfate, which is irritating. Also, toners containing alcohol are too harsh for already dry skin. Use a cream or gel cleanser and a gentle toner that helps the skin keep its natural oils rather than stripping it.
  • If you’re using a lotion as your moisturizer, it’s time to switch to a cream. If you’re already using a cream, you can add a moisture tincture to it or a mid day moisture mister will hydrate without disturbing makeup.
  • Speaking of makeup, this would be a great time of year to try cream eye shadow and cream blushes, so you can limit the oil absorbing powders you put on. You won’t have to worry about sweating and it not staying put.
  • Using a wax based lip balm may actually be contributing to your dry, chapped lips. Try a lipstick or gloss with healing agents like vitamin E, not wax.
  • Gently exfoliating away the dull, dead skin will help your moisturizers absorb and keep your skin glowing. The key is not to overdo it this time of year and cause irritation. Exfoliating wash or mask no more than once a week, and alternate with a moisturizing mask along with your moisturizing creams to keep your skin hydrated and radiant.
  • Be sure to moisturize both morning and night. Especially your face, neck and hands, but don’t forget to take care of your skin everywhere.
  • We’ve all seen the “ski mask” tan lines. It’s a good reminder that the even though the winter skies are gray and the sun seems to be gone, you should continue to use your sunscreen. The snow can actually reflect up to 80 percent UV.
  • Although a steaming hot shower or bath always feels great after coming in from the cold, this strips the skin’s natural lubrication. Keep it short or not too hot.


You can have supple, healthy skin this winter. Keep these beauty routine tips in mind, and also consider one of the premier medical grade, physician prescribed skincare, SkinMedica. Its products effectively address many skin issues for every season of the year and season of your life. Learn more at


Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Get a Gorgeous Smile in 2018

Want a new smile in 2018 without any cosmetic or dental surgery? There are many non surgical options to transform your smile, whether it’s whiter or straighter teeth, fuller lips or reducing a “gummy smile.” Here are some solutions to these smile problems:

  1. Gummy Smile

One way you can enhance your already beautiful smile is to reduce the amount of your gums that show between your lips and teeth. Using Botox in a very precise and careful placement, the injection is made into the muscle that is near the junction of your nostrils with the cheek, called the levator labii. Also, a very small amount can be injected into where the upper lip’s midline meets the nose at the columella (center column of the nose).


The necessity to use a highly experienced injector is crucial, as placement and the amount of Botox can easily ruin a smile rather than enhance it. Remember, the Botox is weakening the muscle so if too much is injected or its improperly placed, results won’t be as desired. For example, the lip will be completely flat, droopy or produce an uneven, half smile where one side lifts more than the other.


When properly placed, the upper lip still has movement, but won’t retract all the way to reveal the gums when you’re smiling. Botox to the upper lip can also reduce the vertical wrinkles and smokers lines. As with any injection, the results are temporary, which is actually a good thing as it gives you a chance to get used to the new look and decide if you’re more comfortable with your smile as it was naturally or would like to continue.


  1. Thin Lips

One of the contributors to discontent with smiles is that the lips are too thin. This can even increase the look of a “gummy smile.” This improvement is an easy one, as Juvederm can provide beautiful, natural looking plumping effect for a full, luscious lipped smile.


  1. Teeth Discoloration

The over the counter teeth whitenen systems are considered part of the beauty industry and not regulated by the FDA, as would a doctor prescribed system. You should proceed with caution with these. In regards to whitening procedures provided by dentists and technicians, it’s also important to consider the level of experience. Generally, you can be prescribed a custom gel with a tray to be used over night for a number of nights in order to match your desired lightening and contour to your teeth. This can be done in conjunction with certain high powered lights, but educate yourself on the kind of lights used since some can produce sensitivity and even damage the tooth’s inner pulp.

  1. Crooked Teeth

Depending on the significance of your alignment or bite correction needed, there are some good options including alternatives to metal braces. Other kinds of permanent fixtures like clear braces and removable “invisible” aligning trays, such as Invisalign or Clear Correct, can be worn over time to adjust the teeth. There are now 5 tray system options for minor alignment issues.

You can have the radiant smile you want in 2018. Let’s discuss your non surgical smile enhancements to address issues such as “gummy smile” and thinning lips. Please visit to schedule a consultation.


Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

2018 Procedure Trends

Looking ahead to 2018, what procedures do we expect to hear more about? While there is a general rise in consumer awareness and participation in the cosmetic surgery industry, some procedures have flown under the radar until recently. Such procedures as Otoplasty, Labiaplasty had begun to hit the main stream in 2017 and are expected to rise even more, but even more recently has been awareness about inverted nipple correction surgery. Last year was also big for very full, pillowy lips, which may tame down a bit in 2018, but there are more and more uses for fillers that are being requested by patients. Let’s take a look at some procedures that are going to get more play in 2018.



Streamlining the ear profile with Otoplasty surfaced onto the mainstream over the summer a year or 2 ago. It has been a common surgery for children and youths, as it can take ears that stick out or fold abnormally and bring them closer to the head; therefore eliminating teasing or bullying and the resulting self esteem issues because of “Dumbo ears.” While this has continued to be the main reason for this surgery, it has expanded into “trend status” by adults perfecting their ear profile and also wanting to give the earlobes a pleasant shape, even after the holes from earrings have distorted them.



Even as this surgery addresses a very private area, it has gained more public awareness. Women want to feel confident with how their labia look and more comfortable with how they feel. There is no reason to have discomfort over elongated, uneven labia. Labiaplasty can help increase comfort, confidence and even possibly of increased enjoyment of intimacy.


Inverted Nipple Correction

It is estimated that up to 20 percent of women have inverted nipples, which means the nipple retracts inward, usually since birth. Typically it occurs because the breast tissue adheres tightly to the base of the nipple and constricts it. While this nipple status may cause some challenges with breastfeeding, they can usually be overcome, and it is otherwise harmless. The desired correction can be surgical, or combined with a nipple ring that would hold the nipple out, as well as a small fat graft or filler injection.



While fillers, such as Juvederm for the lips have received a great amount of attention, and will continue to, there are a few other areas springing up that fillers are helping that might be surprising. For example, filling in the sunken under eyes, shriveled ear lobes, veiny thin hands, dimples of cellulite, and shrinking nipples.Keep in mind, many of these creative uses for fillers are considered “off label,” which means there isn’t a standardized protocol, so be sure you’re only working with trusted “expert injectors” like in my office.

If any of these procedures have piqued an interest in you or coincide with your beauty and rejuvenation goals for 2018, please schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your options at


Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon


Play It Safe in the Summer Sun…

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about the sun and sunscreen…and with summer right around the corner, it’s necessary that I remind you of a few things to help you avoid burning or developing skin cancer.

20 Minutes Because You Don’t Even Realize You Are Burning Until It’s Too Late!
When I recommend limited sun exposure, I don’t mean for you to completely avoid the sun…but I strongly recommend protecting yourself from too much sun exposure which can quickly cause your skin to burn. The ideal amount is about 20 minutes every day, not in the heat of the day (10am to 2pm) when the sun’s UV rays are strongest.

Benefits of the Sun
Why 20 minutes? This is the average amount of time in the sun that our body needs to naturally generate a sufficient amount of Vitamin D3 – which has many benefits for the body both physically and emotionally.


Benefits of the Sun
Why 20 minutes? This is the average amount of time in the sun that our body needs to naturally generate a sufficient amount of Vitamin D3, which has many benefits for the body physically and emotionally.

Research on Vitamin D3 has demonstrated its ability to:
naturally fight cancer
boost the immune system
improve mood

Dangers from the Sun
While there are benefits from the sun, there are also dangers. The long term negative effects predominantly come from the ability of the sun’s UV radiation to damage cellular DNA. This leads to genetic mutation and cellular malfunction that causes premature aging, and ultimately can cause cancer. As our understanding has increased we’ve learned that we need to protect our skin from both the sun’s longer ultraviolet A (UVA) and shorter ultraviolet B (UVB) rays.

A short blog…but powerful information that I want you to really get it.

This rest of this blog will follow shortly.

Have fun in the sun safely!

Steven Davison

Board Certified Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon








Mini-FaceLift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 8. Most moms sacrifice their bodies, sleep, possibly a lucrative career, and much physical, mental and emotional energy for their children. While it’s all worth it, most moms want to restore some of the youthfulness and refreshed appearance that has been given up to time and family sacrifice. This is why more and more moms want cosmetic procedures as their Mother’s Day gift. Giving the gift of youthfulness as a gift certificate or as a specific procedure, such as a Mini Facelift, is growing in popularity and can make for a very happy mommy.

Putting your best face forward
A Facelift is the gold standard of facial rejuvenation. It’s one of the most common surgical procedures I perform. There’s definitely an art to realigning the facial tissue so that the skin doesn’t look stretched or “wind blown” and lays in a naturally firmer, more rested and youthful position. Each surgery is unique due to individual facial structures and skin condition. For those dealing with the early signs of loose sagging skin who want a faster recovery time, a Mini Facelift could be an option.

What is a Mini Facelift?
A Mini Facelift is a shorter surgery with a hidden incision that is smaller than a full Facelift. It is best for those who have minimal aging of the forehead and neck and relatively good skin elasticity. (You can simulate the effects of a Mini Facelift by placing a finger on either side of the jaw and pulling skin back toward the earlobe by about a centimeter on each side.) It can also be a great refresher for people who’ve already had a Facelift.
What aging issues does a Mini Facelift address?
…A Mini Facelift mostly addresses loose skin in the mid face that has dropped.

...It refines the skin in the lower face for a smoother, tighter jawline.

…Marionette lines, which are the folds around the corners of the mouth, can also be slightly reduced with this procedure, although the nasolabial folds will not.
How is a Mini Facelift different from a full Facelift?
During the Mini Facelift, the sagging skin and tissue is repositioned and attached in a very slightly higher. These factors make the Mini Facelift very comforting to anyone weary of any complications or recovery from surgery:

While there is some variance in what this procedure involves, the Mini Facelift primarily takes place above the parotid salivary gland, which reduces the risk of nerve damage.

The surgery has minimal downtime with swelling and discomfort resolving over just a few days to a week. It’s sometimes referred to as the “weekend lift” because the recovery is so fast.
Mini Facelifts are also performed using local anesthesia.

When is a Mini Facelift not enough?
The success of a Mini Facelift requires firmness of the tissues otherwise results can be disappointing or short lived. A full Facelift will be the right choice in the case where there is substantial skin laxity and droopiness This procedure would require a longer recovery time and a larger incision, but the full Facelift would provide the desired results of a long lasting youthful appearance when there is more loose skin.

To see if a Mini Facelift is a good fit for you personally or to give as a Mother’s Day gift, schedule a consultation at our newly updated website

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon








Holiday Rejuvenation…the Gift of Youth

Not many people enjoy spending hours in holiday traffic and crowded shopping malls. Fortunately, you can save yourself the time shopping around for that mystical “perfect gift” by choosing one of the gifts adults love receiving today. Nearly everyone appreciates the gift of a more youthful face…such as those achieved by Botox, Juvederm or Voluma injectables. It’s no secret that more and more people today love receiving cosmetic treatments as gifts for those special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and winter holidays.

Who Would Like This Gift?
The real question is who wouldn’t want to rejuvenate squinty, tired looking eyes by banishing crow’s feet? Or who wouldn’t want to smooth out the wrinkles on the forehead and in between the eyes to take years off their appearance? Millennials in their 30 years and up age range are already seeing these signs of aging and would enjoy the benefits of smoother, fuller skin. A gift certificate to choose an injectable treatment could also be a great gift for that close friend or family member who already “has everything.” Especially if they’ve expressed concern about wrinkles, such as crow’s feet or on the forehead. They may have even mentioned they’re open to trying a non invasive procedure or are already receiving Botox for their forehead, but would want to try a different area of the face, such as plumping the lips with Juvederm.

A Gift that’s Not Just for the Ladies
Even though it is more thought of as a gift for women, don’t discount those hard to shop for men in your life. Most women are very open to request Botox or Juvederm (and might even jump for joy at receiving this as a gift!), but so are the men even though they may not be as vocal about it.

Men feel the pressure to keep their competitive edge and looking good is part of that. Looking healthier, happier and more alert is a professional advantage. They might not be willing to go to the office and purchase a treatment for themselves, but deep down, many men are concerned about how their skin is aging… and receiving this as a gift can be just enough of a nudge towards doing what he wanted to anyway.

The non invasive treatments like Botox, Juvederm or Voluma offer fast results with no down time, which is very appealing to men. Botox for men is commonly called “BroTox.” Juvederm can even be used to fill in the deepening folds around the nose, the indentations caused by the acne scars of previous years.

Gift Certificate for Rejuvenation
So whether you’re shopping for that special lady or man in your life, a close friend or family member, you can give them the “gift of youth.” Save yourself the time and frustration of shopping this time of year, and bring them the joy of feeling great about their appearance. A gift certificate to choose the age reversing, non invasive treatment they desire. Visit to learn more or stop by our office to purchase a gift certificate.

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Earn Points and Save Money Towards Anti Aging Injectables at DAVinci Plastic Surgery

Earn Points and Save Money Towards Anti Aging Injectables at DaVinci Plastic Surgery!

We are pleased to offer the Brilliant Distinctions program… so that you can save money on wonderful age reversing treatments, such as Botox, Juvederm and Voluma. Everyone loves a good deal, which is one reason medi spa injectable treatments are so popular these days. But getting a deal is not a good reason to trust your face to an unskilled injector who got started after a Friday afternoon course! Our Brilliant Distinctions program offers some great savings…and injectable treatments from the skilled, experienced hands of a trusted plastic surgeon like myself and my experienced staff.

What is Brilliant Distinctions? It is a program managed by Allergan (company who owns Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, etc.) and accepted by certain practitioners who administer these injectables. Through this program, clients can accrue points by receiving treatments at participating offices, like DaVinci Plastic Surgery.

Registering for Brilliant Distinctions is quick, free and easy…
Visit and click the purple “Register” button on the right
Fill out the required information in the online registration form
Click the “Enroll Now” button at the bottom of the form
You’ll receive your Member ID and you’ll be able to select products, receive information and promotional offers.

How to earn and redeem Brilliant Distinctions points… Each qualifying treatment has a designated number of points and these points add up to dollars. These dollars can be printed off as coupons and cashed in at our office on qualifying Allergan treatments and products. To print a coupon, simply log into your Brilliant Distinctions homepage and click “Create a Coupon.” Print your coupon and be sure to bring it to your appointment, which should be scheduled within 60 days.

Even more benefits… If you love the savings you’re getting through the Brilliant Distinctions program, you can share it with friends to earn even more points. You can earn up to $100 in credit this way! You can also access the Brilliant Distinctions mall to shop and earn points at retailers’ websites, like Target, Kohls, Nordstrom Rack, Staples, Best Buy, and more. You can even use your points to make a charitable donation. Download the iphone app and you’ll be able to keep track of your points while you’re on the go.

Let us know you’re a member… Keep in mind, we don’t offer technical support for Brilliant Distinctions. This is a program managed completely by the Allergan company. So, you must bring your coupon in order to get the discount.

We do however love being able to accept Brilliant Distinctions coupons and to offer this program to our patients. You simply notify our staff of your membership and we will bank your points each time you have a qualifying treatment in our office.

Schedule your treatment today to look fabulous for the holidays and start earning points to save on future treatments. Visit

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Common Myths About Botox, part 2

MYTH #6 Botox is Permanent

Some people actually wish Botox was permanent, but it isn’t. Your muscles, that have been relaxed by Botox, will eventually regain movement after about 3 months. Fortunately, the benefits of Botox can last for 6 to 12 while the muscle memory gradually returns.

MYTH #7 You are never too young or old for Botox

There’s not an age where Botox magically stops working, and not everyone’s skin ages the same, so there isn’t an exact age on when to start or stop Botox. As a matter of fact, some plastic surgeons report success with Botox patients more than 65 years old. Botox will always work to relax the muscles, but in older patients, it may not be enough or it may throw off facial harmony – if other treatments are not done in other areas of the face. On the other side of the timeline, I’d say there definitely is a lower limit on the age. I’d advise teenagers against it. There certainly is value to preventative Botox in the 20s, but until then, there really isn’t enough constant muscle movement to warrant this treatment for cosmetic reasons.

MYTH #8 The best time for Botox is when the lines appear

As stated in the previous question, there is surging interest in using Botox for wrinkle prevention starting in the 20s. Getting started early, rather than waiting until the wrinkles get deeper and more noticeable, can help you in the long run. Getting Botox early can also help make you conscious of the facial expressions that cause those wrinkles – and can raise your awareness to avoid or limit them. To not frequently furrow your brows or frown is a good habit anyway!

MYTH #9 You can become addicted to Botox
It’s true that you’ll probably love the results from Botox so much you will want to keep coming back. You’ll feel great about looking fabulous and won’t want to stop, but Botox has nothing in it that would make you physically addicted. There’s no “withdrawal” or negative side effects from stopping Botox. You’ll just return to your usual “wrinkling pattern” as before you started getting Botox treatments.

MYTH #10 If you stop getting Botox, your wrinkles will be worse

In contrast to how smooth your skin will be while getting Botox, it might seem like it’s gotten worse once you stop, but really, it’s just resumed the same muscle position as prior to receiving treatment. Once you start Botox, it will relax the muscles so the wrinkles seem to disappear. Even though they don’t actually disappear and normal development of wrinkles, with muscle movement will resume… they won’t be any worse.

I hope this has helped clear up any Botox “myths.” You can schedule a consultation at if you’re ready to stop those wrinkles in their tracks and smooth out those lines with Botox. We can take care of you during a normal lunch break.
Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon















There used to be body concerns that we would just have to live with and the size, shape, orientation etc. of our nipples was one of them. Now, cosmetic surgery on the nipples is a very common practice. The nipples contribute to the overall aesthetics of the breast, and it is an aspect that can greatly affect self confidence, sexuality and satisfaction with appearances.

There are many reasons why someone would want to get cosmetic surgery on their nipples. Nipple appearance can cause “a feeling of being out of balance” with ones breasts (e.g. large nipple in relation to breast size) including general embarrassment, difficulty in clothing selection and activities. Here are some of the aspects of the nipple that I’ve helped correct:

  • asymmetrically shaped (one bigger than other)
  • long, droopy or overly prominent (common changes from pregnancy and breast feeding)

Nipple Surgery, How it’s Done… Cosmetic surgery on the nipples addresses the aesthetics of the nipple and the areola, which is the pigmented area around the nipple. Often this surgery is done in combination with an overall breast rejuvenation, including a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation. The nipple surgery is done through very small incisions to minimize the appearance that any surgery even occurred. Depending on the modification, tissue is removed from the nipple and/or areola, and the length and/or diameter of the nipple are improved. The overall contour and balance of the nipple will be aesthetically enhanced.

Recovery from Nipple Surgery…Although any surgery does involve some discomfort, the recovery from nipple surgery is moderate to mild due to the use of tiny instruments, advanced techniques and my many years of refining skills and artistry. Within a few days any bruising, stiffness, achiness and soreness will dissipate, and based on our follow up consultation, most people can return to normal activity after a few days.  In the mean time, oral pain medication is available if needed to mediate the discomfort.
Does Nipple Surgery Affect Breastfeeding? Breastfeeding after nipple and breast augmentation is definitely possible, although there may be some additional challenges such as nipple vasospasm. A great resource for researching more about breastfeeding after surgery is the website In general, there are many factors that affect the ability to breastfeed after surgery, such as:

  • how long since the surgery and the time of  breastfeeding
  • the method of surgery’s impact to the ducts and nerves
  • post surgery healing process
  • how well the milk glands functioned prior to surgery

Nipple & Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy… I have a special tenderness towards breast cancer survivors and have a website completely dedicated to helping these special clients, There are many options to address all the different affects of cancer removal and still achieve the most natural, feminine results possible.

If you’re not happy with how your nipples look, nipple surgery can improve self esteem, confidence and feelings of sexuality. Schedule a consultation at: to discover how you can have rejuvenated, beautiful, natural results.


Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

Taking Care of Your Skin After Procedures

Last week we touched on Melanoma since we’re coming into summer months and skin damage from sun exposure is at it’s height. It’s important to reiterate that melanoma can be deadly, but is treatable with immediate diagnosis and early treatment. Part of immediate diagnosis is to do a regular self check. See the tips below.

1) UPPER BODY…Look into the mirror & examine the areas of the upper body that are exposed to the sun; head, scalp, face, neck, chest, torso, hands, nails, elbows, arms and underarms.

2) LOWER BODY… Sit down so it’s easier to check your legs, feet, soles, heels & toenails.

3) BACKSIDE… Using a hand mirror – inspect the back of the neck, shoulders, upper arms, back, buttocks & legs.

FOUR SPECIAL SKIN CONSIDERATIONS … Your care regimen will be different for a surgical procedure involving incisions that leave raw skin to heal, such as a face lift or blepharoplasty, versus a non invasive injectable procedure that causes significantly less injury to your skin. Whether your cosmetic procedure is invasive or non invasive, here are some tips to give your skin the best chance to heal:

1. Stay out of the sun. The fastest way to darken scars is to exposes them to the sun, so you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight all together.
2. Go the extra mile with pampering your skin. Use only mild, non- fragrance skincare… use it diligently even though you may not feel like taking the extra effort.
3. Drink lots of water. Hydrating your skin from the inside will help it along. Avoid dehydrating beverages, especially alcohol.
4. No picking, poking or prying at the recovery site. You need to give your wounds the best chance to heal. Disturbing the scabs could cause infection or scarring.

CARING FOR YOUR SKIN AFTER COSMETIC SURGERY… Taking special care of your skin in the first weeks after cosmetic surgery will help your results to last and minimize further damage that’ll age your skin. Your specific care regimen will be determined by which cosmetic procedure you have, but you can rest assured that I will guide you through the whole process from consultation to post procedure care.

Post surgery care is multi faceted. It involves:
• treating your wounds – you’ll receive detailed directions with a unique protocol for your procedure, but my recommendations usually include the herbal supplement Arnica Montana to reduce bruising and discoloration
• managing swelling – regular use of ice or cold compresses and elevation
• keeping up with everyday skin care – cleaning and moisturizing your skin will keep it from infection, break outs, and drying out. Be sure to use gentle, non comedogenic products.
• resting in between

I look forward to helping you in the rejuvenation process from beginning to end. To schedule your consultation, visit

Steven Davison M.D.
Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

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The initial consultation with your surgeon is critical! It should always be face to face with your surgeon during which time he/she listens closely to your concerns. Dr. Davison believes this time spent with you is critical to both you and to him. It is during the consultation that he comes to fully understand your concerns, evaluates them correctly and is then able to make the recommendations and develop the treatment plan thats right for you. Dr. Davison invests the time to sit down and talk to you face-to-face.

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