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Aging shows up in the face first – lines around the mouth, deep nasolabial grooves, thinning lips that lose their shape and more. Dermal Fillers can provide renewed volume for up to 12 months – and Fat or Tissue Grafting – provide the most natural, best tolerated results that can last for years.

As the face ages it loses volume.  Today there are many options for rejuvenating the face and restoring that lost volume.  Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell offer their patients several options that achieve long to longest lasting- natural looking results. Injectable dermal fillers, also referred to as Liquid Lifts, are today’s amazing answer to a non-surgical facelift.  A “liquid facelift” can create a younger, plumper look and address concerns like lines, wrinkles and volume loss.  The results last from 12 months when using fillers like Radiesse®, Juvederm™ or Sculptra® – to years when combined with Fat or Tissue Grafting using your bodies own resources.  He believes that using your own fat and /or tissue achieves the most natural and best tolerated facial augmentation.

Who is a Good Candidate?

If you are unhappy with the age-related changes that are showing up in your face – such as lines, wrinkles, grooves or folds – and do not require surgery for addressing your concerns – you are a good candidate.  You should be in otherwise good health and have realistic expectations and goals.  The better your skin tone and elasticity – the better your results will be.  You need to understand that fillers are temporary and are not a substitute for a Facelift, Necklift or other procedures to rejuvenate the face – but if done early enough – they can delay the need for more invasive treatments.

Injectable Procedure Overview:

The personalized treatment plan with specific product choices will determine what’s involved in your procedure.  Basically injectable treatments involve injecting pre-measured doses into specific areas of the face to restore lost volume.  The procedure is not painful and requires no downtime – in fact many patients get “lunch time” facelifts and then return to work.  The more permanent fillers include lidocaine in the formula to ensure your comfort.  Bruising may occur at the injection sites – but can be easily covered with camouflage make-up.

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Benefits of Facial Augmentation with Fillers:

  • Facial Fillers safely & effectively provide up to 12 months of restored volume
  • Facial Fillers fill in lines, wrinkles, folds & grooves to many facial areas
  • Facial Fillers can’t prevent but can delay a surgical Facelift
  • Facial Fillers can work for those showing early signs of facial aging
  • Facial Fillers can be used in conjunction with a Facelift, Necklift, Browlift etc.
  • Facial Fillers can achieve fabulous results when done by a qualified surgeon

A natural looking rejuvenated face requires the skill of an experienced, qualified surgeon who also has an artistic eye and who truly understands how to achieve facial balance and harmony. A 60 year old forehead simply doesn’t work with a rejuvenated 50 year old looking mid or lower face.

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The initial consultation with your surgeon is critical! It should always be face to face with your surgeon, during which time he/she listens closely to your concerns. Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell believe this time spent with you is critical to both you and him/her. It is during the consultation that your surgeon comes to fully understand your concerns, evaluates them correctly, and is then able to make the recommendations and develop the treatment plan that is right for you. Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell invest the time to sit down and talk to you face to face.

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