Summer Fun In The Sun…Safely

It’s unavoidable and I know it…so let me give you some common sense tips for protection while you play in the sun this summer. First know that lotions and  Sunblocks work optimally when used along with hats, sun glasses and sun protection garments.

Sun protection and sun screen at the beach

Sun Protection

Our environment is changing and this alters the way the sun affects us.  So gear up for those outings and you can keep your skin looking good while minimizing damage.  Here’s my short list:

  • HATS…there are many inexpensive/expensive glamorous hats today that can “dress up” any outfit…even a bathing suit.  Wide brim hats are a terrific way to block sun rays from your face and neck.  Gardeners have worn them for years to avoid excess sun exposure.
  • SUN GLASSES …are an absolute must!  They can be stylish and still protect your precious eyes and the skin tissue surrounding the eye area.  Glasses also prevent “squinting” which causes those fine lines that form around the eye.  The eye area is one of the first on the face to show aging dramatically.  Beware…and protect it!
  • SUN PROTECTION GARMENTS & PRODUCTS…These garments have been used in water sports for many years now.  Most are available in every size and style imaginable. They can provide up to SPF 50 or even greater, are light weight,can be worn in the water or on land for play/sports and are great for extended periods of time during sun exposure.  The great benefit (especially for children) is that reapplication is not needed when wearing these garments.  A newer “wash in “ product is available and can be “washed into” any garment.  This can add SPF 30 for your regular outdoor clothing.

With schools out…vacations in progress and lots of time planned in the summer sun….please take the time to absorb this info ….and APPLY it.  Have a great time!


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