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FACELIFT – You’re Never Too Old

I’ve recently blogged about facelifts – the types, men and facelifts and today I’ll talk about facelifts and the “age” factor. In Brief:  You’re never too old to have facelift surgery.  There are some conditions – but these apply at every age and for every person having surgery.

Current research has turned up this information and confirms what I’ve always believed and practiced.

  1. If screened properly, people in their 60’s 70’s, 80’s (and a few even older) have facelifts and are at NO GREATER RISK for complications than younger people
  2. The Criteria:  Must be in good general health.
  3. Among annual facelift candidates – 12% are over 65
  4. Good, realistic goals and expectations are a must
  5. Good candidates are looking to remove sagging skin, lines and wrinkles & restore a more youthful – natural appearance
  6. There must be some skin elasticity
  7. A well defined bone structure is important
  8. An individualized plan is critical – “one facelift” does NOT fit all faces as is often touted today.  (See my previous blog on types of Facelifts)

The bottom line is:  seniors around the world are lining up for cosmetic procedures and 12% of those over age 65 are having facelifts.

When checking with my colleagues, I found that plastic/cosmetic surgeons across America are performing more facelifts every year on older adults …and the results are wonderful!

People come to me for facelifts because I’m well qualified, experienced and know how to “match” the right type of facelift to each individual.

OK – been thinking about it?  Come on in (or visit our website)…let’s get to work!

Dr. Steven Davison

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