Should You Inject Loose Silicone Into the Butt?

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Despite the recent news coverage and scientific discoveries behind the dangers of injecting loose silicone into the butt for enhanced projection, many women and men are still participating in this practice. While it’s great to have a well-shaped behind, the idea of injecting something that is deemed fatal by medical societies is — no doubt — terrifying and should be discouraged.

Close-up of woman's butt wearing gray thong underwear.

What Are the Dangers of Silicone Injections?

Unlike the safer medical-grade silicone used in breast implants, loose silicone injections are unsafe and not approved by the FDA. In most situations, the silicone injections are performed by sham doctors who operate unlicensed clinics and only care about the money.

When loose silicone is injected in high quantities, as in the case of butt augmentation, there is an increased risk of vascular occlusions and deadly embolism if silicone enters a gluteal blood vessel and travels to the heart or lungs. Injectable silicone can also lead to other complications like infection, pain, irreversible injuries, granulomas (hard lumps), scarring, and disfigurement. 

Many of these complications may occur right after treatment or months or years later. This is not a risk worth taking, even though it’s intended to be a cheaper and quicker alternative to surgical procedures.

It’s quite unfortunate that some patients are falsely informed they are receiving an FDA-approved dermal filler only to be injected with silicone. 

Until more patients are safe from these harmful practices, plastic surgeons and the aesthetic medicine community must become advocates for safe and healthy aesthetic enhancement measures.

Brazilian Butt Lift: Is It a Safer Alternative?

If you are looking for a safer and better alternative to enhance the shape and size of your backside, you may want to consider getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This is one of the most popular options for creating a plumper and natural-looking butt. A Brazilian Butt Lift allows for total reshaping of the hips and butt through the use of own fat, harvested via liposuction from areas such as the thighs, abdomen, hips, or back.

Unlike butt implants which come in standard shapes and sizes, a BBL is completely customizable, meaning you can obtain the right amount of fullness you seek. Your surgeon will expertly sculpt the area to make the desired enhancements that complement your natural body shape. 

Besides improving the size and roundness of the butt, you also lose fat from other areas of the body, which creates an overall shapelier body and boosts confidence.

What Do Fat Injections to the Butt Look Like?

If you are looking for a safer injectable option for the buttocks, fat transfer is your way to go. Visit our butt augmentation before and after gallery to see how this treatment has helped our previous patients.

Before and after image showing the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift performed in Washington, DC.

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