The lips lend a sensual attraction to the face. This cannot be denied about certain celebrity beauties. From the classics like Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe to modern marvels like Scarlett Johanssen and Angelina Jolie, their memorable moniker is due in part to their sexy lips.

Luscious lips communicate more than sex appeal; they can communicate age. Lips usually get thinner with deeper creases as the years go on. In addition to age, the environment and lifestyle, affect the fullness of our lips. By plumping them up, you can restore youthfulness to your lips.

Here are some of those pesky – pout aging lifestyle choices:
– Regular lip puckering and pursing actions, such as smoking or sipping a cup coffee. This repeated action, along with loss of collagen and elastin, contributes to lip lines along with loss of shape and lip color.
– Forgetting to protect your pucker from wind or sun damage can contribute to deflating lip fullness.
– Not drinking enough water or drinking mostly dehydrating liquids, such as alcohol, also deplete the lips from sufficient full hydration.
– Skin care of the entire face is important as well since it is entirely one organ. There are even special skin care products designed to replenish the lips.

Lip volume loss can easily be restored with hyaluronic acid injectables. They work like a sponge, attracting water to the desired area to plump up lips. One of the leading hyaluronic acid injectables that I recommend is Juvederm. It’s a smooth gel that corrects deflated, sagging lips and provides a soft, natural feel that is long lasting… about 6 months or more.

Benefits of Juvederm:
1. Since it is a smooth gel, you won’t have to worry about the lumps and bumps that are a possibility with permanent silicone implants.
2. Corrections are easy to make.
3. Stimulates your bodies own collagen making again (long term benefits)
4. FDA approved for the lips.

This leads me to remind you of the importance of only using those specially trained to perform injectable filler treatments.  My Physicians Assistant and I understand the complexity of facial anatomy. It is critical to understand the balance between the upper and lower lip, as well as the role of the surrounding muscles in order to get injections right!

We know the artistry of facial balance and have the technical experience of using the injectables to accomplish that. Aesthetic balance to the face can be thrown off by lips that are too thin or too thick or lopsided. We’ve all heard the jokes about “duck lips”, which is a result of too much filler in the philtrum. We’ve also seen over filled lumpy lips that look like sausages. No one wants this, so put your lips in the hands of experts like us.

Here are some tips we use to help create full, sexy and natural looking lips:
– There should be a slightly more full center part with a well curved Cupid’s bow.
– To achieve nice proportions, the lower lip should be about twice the size of the upper lip, not the same size.
– Lips should be filled in a way that doesn’t impede natural movement so that they are soft and supple rather than lumpy or stiff.
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