Earn Points and Save Money Towards Anti Aging Injectables at DAVinci Plastic Surgery

Earn Points and Save Money Towards Anti Aging Injectables at DaVinci Plastic Surgery!

We are pleased to offer the Brilliant Distinctions program… so that you can save money on wonderful age reversing treatments, such as Botox, Juvederm and Voluma. Everyone loves a good deal, which is one reason medi spa injectable treatments are so popular these days. But getting a deal is not a good reason to trust your face to an unskilled injector who got started after a Friday afternoon course! Our Brilliant Distinctions program offers some great savings…and injectable treatments from the skilled, experienced hands of a trusted plastic surgeon like myself and my experienced staff.

What is Brilliant Distinctions? It is a program managed by Allergan (company who owns Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, etc.) and accepted by certain practitioners who administer these injectables. Through this program, clients can accrue points by receiving treatments at participating offices, like DaVinci Plastic Surgery.

Registering for Brilliant Distinctions is quick, free and easy…
Visit https://www.brilliantdistinctionsprogram.com and click the purple “Register” button on the right
Fill out the required information in the online registration form
Click the “Enroll Now” button at the bottom of the form
You’ll receive your Member ID and you’ll be able to select products, receive information and promotional offers.

How to earn and redeem Brilliant Distinctions points… Each qualifying treatment has a designated number of points and these points add up to dollars. These dollars can be printed off as coupons and cashed in at our office on qualifying Allergan treatments and products. To print a coupon, simply log into your Brilliant Distinctions homepage and click “Create a Coupon.” Print your coupon and be sure to bring it to your appointment, which should be scheduled within 60 days.

Even more benefits… If you love the savings you’re getting through the Brilliant Distinctions program, you can share it with friends to earn even more points. You can earn up to $100 in credit this way! You can also access the Brilliant Distinctions mall to shop and earn points at retailers’ websites, like Target, Kohls, Nordstrom Rack, Staples, Best Buy, and more. You can even use your points to make a charitable donation. Download the iphone app and you’ll be able to keep track of your points while you’re on the go.

Let us know you’re a member… Keep in mind, we don’t offer technical support for Brilliant Distinctions. This is a program managed completely by the Allergan company. So, you must bring your coupon in order to get the discount.

We do however love being able to accept Brilliant Distinctions coupons and to offer this program to our patients. You simply notify our staff of your membership and we will bank your points each time you have a qualifying treatment in our office.

Schedule your treatment today to look fabulous for the holidays and start earning points to save on future treatments. Visit www.davinciplastic.com.

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

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