Do’s and Don’ts of Botox

!.  Go with an experienced injector who is highly trained, has a good reputation, and one you can trust.
It is so easy to find someone who will inject you with Botox these days. Just because you can get Botox just about anywhere, like at your hairstylist, your dentist, or even in your own home… it doesn’t mean that you should. Did you know that someone can learn to be a Botox injector in a couple hour course on a weekend and be injecting people in a professional setting the very next day? It is no wonder that there are a myriad of Botox horror stories. There is an art to injecting. Reversing and enhancing aging features with Botox is a skill that can’t be mastered in a weekend course. – One must know and have the feel for how deep to inject – exactly where to inject, based on the muscular /skeletal facial structure – and the unique features of each individual – and how much Botox to use. Do your research. As a Board Certified plastic surgeon with many years of success and experience with injectables, you can trust you’re in the best hands with me.

2.  Communicate clearly with your Botox injector.
The consultation should be a setting where you can comfortably ask questions and express your desired results. Be as specific as possible. You’ll receive feedback on what to realistically expect and suggestions on how to accomplish that.
It should first be determined if you’re even a good candidate for Botox. -You should be clear about your medical history, allergies, as well as any medications, supplements or other medical treatments you’re receiving; even things such as whether you’re undergoing fertility treatments, pregnant or breastfeeding.
Sometimes if you’re seeking a Botox treatment for the first time it may be wise to start slow with minimal units. This can help us to gauge how you will react to the Botox.
3.  Prepare your body for the best results.
Even though this is a quick in and out procedure, some pre planning, and a little preparation can help you get optimal results. For example: If you want to minimize bruising, a week prior to receiving injections – you should limit alcohol consumption and stop taking medication or supplements that can thin the blood (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Motrin or any similar generics, Vitamin E, St. Johns Wart, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng, Fish oil, etc)

4.  Abide by the post Botox “Don’t” list to get the best results:
Just as tempting as it is to pop a pimple, you’ll want to touch and massage the injection site, but DON’T do it for 24 hours. You wouldn’t want to make the Botox spread to other unintended muscles or get the injection site infected.
Don’t lie down for at least 4 hours after your appointment. The Botox needs a couple hours to settle and if you put pressure on your face it will distort the results.
Let this be an excuse to skip the gym or any strenuous activity for the day. This will help your body heal correctly and not bruise as much.
Hydrate yourself and avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol to help your body heal.
Be gentle with your skin and don’t scrub, micro-exfoliate or chemical peel your skin for at least 24 hours.
Apply topical vitamin K and Arnica Montana to aid the skin in healing.

I hope this helps you feel more confident. Schedule a consultation and let’s talk about how Botox can help you. Holidays are just a few weeks away…are you ready to put “your best face forward?”
Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon









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