Publications for Dr. Davison

Davison SP, Hayes K. “Delayed Innovations in Keloid Reconstruction.” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Global Open. 139(2): e574-5, February 2017.

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contribute to the and progression of multiple myeloma: Unraveling obesity related differences in
adipocytes signaling.” Cancer Letter. 380(1): 114-21, September 2016

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Undermining or Imbrication—Do They Work?” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open.
4(7) e799, July 2016.

Reducing Wound Tension with Undermining or Imbrication—Do They Work_

LaBove G, Davison SP. “Cost Analysis of an Office-based Surgical Suite,” Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery Global Open. 4(7): e803, July 2016.

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Davison SP, Hayes K, Nieb J. “Cost Comparison of a Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) for a Solo Practitioner Surgical Practice.” Modern Aesthetics. 4(3): 44,46, May/June 2016.

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LaBove G, Davison SP, Jackson M. “Compliance of Perioperative Antibiotic Dosing and Surgical Site
Infection Rate in Office-Based Elective Surgery,” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open.
4(5): e701, May 2016.

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Davison SP, Nieb J. “Start Your Engines,” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open. 3(8): e498,
August 2015.

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Reilly MJ, Tomsic JA, Fernandez SJ, Davison SP. “Effect of Facial Rejuvenation Surgery on Perceived Attractiveness, Femininity, and Personality,” JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. 17(3): 202-7, May/June 2015.

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Transconjunctival Lower Lid Blepharoplasty with and without Fat Repositioning

Clinics in Plastic Surgery Jan 2015

The transconjunctival approach to lower lid blepharoplasty provides access for both fat resection and transposition to soften tear trough deformities…


The Management of Festoons

Clinics in Plastic Surgery Jan 2015

The management of patients with festoons is a highly challenging undertaking with potential to drastically alter the appearance of those afflicted.


Combined Base Imbrication and Top Hat Nipple Reduction

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery December 2014

The modified top hat component of Cheng allows more control of the height. The wedge and top hat nipple reduction technique with imbrication of the base [Read more…]

Shuck J, Endara M, Davison SP. “ Management of Intraoperative Free Flap Arterial Thrombosis with Argatroban in the Heparin-Allergic Patient.” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 134(4): 672e. October 2014.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We would like to express our gratitude to our patients who helped support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During the month of October, DAVinci Plastic Surgery contributed a portion of the proceeds from cosmetic procedures to Cooley's Rally For The Cure. A total of $2,300 was raised for the Cooley's organization. The DAVinci staff all attended the 3rd Cooley's Rally for the Cure event held on October 10, 2011 and Dr. Davison presented the donation to Nancy and Chris Cooley. Thank you!

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