BOTOX® Cosmetic Summer Update

[wpvideo gsl8tA9B]Botox has been around now for two plus decades and is one the most popular wrinkle treatments for both men and women. It’s also been used in therapeutic medical treatments, hundred of thousands of them worldwide for several decades. It’s safe and it works! One ten minute treatment and a few tiny injections gets results you can see in just a few days…and the results are long lasting. In fact, the latest news is that Botox users are reporting longer lasting results, with fewer injections, after about 20 months of usage. In case you don’t know, here’s how Botox works:

  • Blocks muscle contractions …prevents line/wrinkle formation
  • Blocks muscle motion to smooth out existing lines & wrinkles
  • Botox Relaxes facial folds
  • It Restores a refreshed, youthful facial appearance
  • Botox Smooths away tense, worn appearance
  • Gets Results you can see in a few days
  • Is an office treatment that’s virtually downtime free! It’s All About the Injector!!!!

You can go to spas and get different injectable filler treatments, but do you want to risk your face to a non-expert injector? Look, no two faces are alike and the facial anatomy is quite amazing with muscles, tissues and nerves that help you put your “best face forward” everyday. A bad treatment can be bad news! I individualize every single treatment I do. This requires an excellent knowledge and understanding of the complex facial anatomy, the right dosages and expert injection techniques. Please don’t risk the possible downsides, by using an unskilled injector, to what can otherwise be a great experience. I am an “expert injector” specially trained and skilled in all injectable treatments. I think Botox is great…and I want you to enjoy the best results possible so that you can go through the summer looking relaxed, refreshed and youthful. OK. Come on in and let’s get you set for the rest of your summer…so you can feel and look terrific.You can learn more by visiting our website or calling us.

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