Mohs Skin Cancer Repair

Skin Cancer

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer during his/her lifetime. About 80% of these cancers show up on the face, scalp or neck. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common skin cancer – in fact – it is the most common of all cancers with Squamous cell skin cancer in second place.

Mohs is a technique, used to remove skin cancers, and it ensures complete removal by examining all of the margins of the removed tissue under microscope. Mohs is also referred to as Mohs excision, Mohs removal or simply Mohs surgery.  The Mohs procedure employs two critical components:  Mohs removal of the skin cancer and Mohs Reconstruction of the defect. Dr. Davison specializes in aesthetic reconstruction of facial defects after Mohs surgery.  The majority of Mohs defects are on the face – many on the nose and lip areas where skillful, artistic reconstructive surgery is required to avoid a significant cosmetic deformity. Reconstruction of the nose is one of the most challenging, complex aspects of plastic surgery because of its structure, size, shape and function. The forehead, cheeks and lips present their own unique challenges.  In addition to being a board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Davison is a Melanoma and Skin cancer surgeon and a Mohs specialist.  Because of his additional specialized training, advanced skills and extensive experience in performing both the cancer removal and the reconstruction procedure – Moh’s surgery and reconstruction is no challenge for Dr. Davison.  Combining the supreme elements of art and surgical science enables him to achieve beautiful and natural looking results.


Mohs is very highly utilized to remove skin cancers in the area of the head and neck where preservation of the greatest amount of tissue is most likely.  Patients with skin cancers or tumors of the eyelids, nose, cheeks, lips etc. could be ideal candidates for Mohs surgery and reconstruction.  Dr. Davison will be able to determine this during your initial consultation.


Cancer removal involves:

  • Dr. Davison identifies the visible cancer (tumor)
  • The skin cancer & surrounding skin is numbed with local anesthesia
  • The cancer is removed in one piece
  • The underside of the removed tissue is “mapped” as a guide to precise locations of any remaining tumor
  • The map is processed for microscopic analysis
  • Under microscope Dr. Davison critically examines the entire layer (map) to identify any remaining cancer cells
  • If any cells remain – the map guides him precisely to the location for removal of more tissue
  • The process is repeated until all margins of the removed tissue are free of cancer cells – and ready for reconstruction surgery

Nose, lip(s), cheek, forehead and temple are the typical areas requiring reconstruction.  Dr. Davison does the reconstruction using either a skin flap or skin graft.  A skin flap utilizes local excess tissue that is “flapped” over the defect to repair it.  Skin grafting involves taking a piece of skin from an inconspicuous area with excess, available tissue (behind the ear) and skillfully using it to reconstruct the Moh’s defect. You will be given specific instructions to follow after your surgery including information about the healing process and how to care for the surgical area(s). Mineral Makeup is a wonderful, natural camouflage that actually encourages healing and healthy skin, and if there is any scarring it can be treated with dermabrasion, lasers or minor scar revision at a later time.  Dr. Davison will tailor your Moh’s reconstruction surgery to achieve the best results, with minimal scarring and the most natural looking outcome possible.


  • MOHS cancer removal & reconstruction achieves the highest cure rate
  • MOHS cancer surgery ensures maximum preservation of tissue
  • MOHS surgery can be performed under general or local anesthesia
  • MOHS removal & reconstruction can be done under 1 anesthesia (immediately)
  • MOHS map guides to the precise location of tumor roots
  • MOHS allows for immediate examination of tissue(s)
  • MOHS is a precise – micrographic surgery using specialized techniques


Are There Disadvantages to Moh’s Reconstruction Surgery?
Only a couple – the procedure can be lengthy, and it is typically performed under local anesthesia.  There may be occasions when the reconstruction must be done on a different day – this is rare.

What Are The Advantages to Moh’s Reconstruction Surgery?
Moh’s has proven to ensure the highest cure rate; Moh’s preserves the most tissue possible, the procedure can be done under general anesthesia, and there is less psychological stress associated with Moh’s procedures because patient’s don’t have to wait for days for the results.  Moh’s is more cost effective than other skin cancer removal/reconstruction procedures.

Where Does Dr. Davison Perform Moh’s Reconstruction Surgery?
Dr. Davison performs surgeries in a state-of-the-art surgical center that is certified and fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available today.

When Can I Resume Normal Activities?
We will give you complete instructions about this – it’s important that you take it easy for a day or so – to avoid complications and to aid healing.

Can I Drive Myself to Surgery?
No.  You must have a responsible adult drive you to and from surgery and stay with you overnight and for a day or two until you’re comfortable being on your own.

Will Insurance Pay for Moh’s Reconstruction Surgery?
Typically they do cover Moh’s procedures because they are necessary.  Check with your insurance company about this.

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