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Rhytidectomy (Facelift Surgery)


There is so much information online today…it can get confusing.  Much of it is correct…much of it isn’t.  Facelifts are popular and lot’s of advertising is being done to brand certain kinds as the latest and greatest.   I do lot’s of facelifts in the fall.  So let me give you correct, updated information, to clear up misconceptions and help those of you who have been thinking about having a facelift.

There are six basic facelift techniques – Each has its own specific virtues.

  • Facelift – Traditional way to remove 10 years from an aging face.    Deals  with excessive sagging skin and lost muscle tone.
  • Deep Plane – More powerful technique used for skin with a reduced blood supply and previous damage from smoking & scars etc.
  • MACS – European technique – ideal for middle aged men and women who need only mild to moderate results.
  • S-Lift – Focuses on restoring cheek volume & removing excess jowl skin (addresses lower 2/3 of the face).
  • SMAS – Addresses the deeper layers of skin structure with long lasting results.
  • Revision Facelift – Freshens an old facelift (often correcting disappointing results) & rejuvenates the face & neck.

UNDERSTAND THIS: One facelift is not like the other. Unfortunately, some surgeons do only one procedure and attempt to adjust it to every patient’s needs.  This simply does not work!

HIGHLY ADVERTISED: The “Lifestyle Lift” is highly touted today.  It is designed specifically to tighten the jowls and neck and to reduce frown lines and wrinkles.  This usually means “superficial” tightening and lifting.  Sometimes that’s ok – but not all the time for every patient.

OTHER ???S Is age a factor in having a surgical facelift?  Current studies say NO – not if you are in good overall health.

How Can I Know Which Facelift is Right for Me?  I’m specially trained in all surgical facelift techniques, including reconstructive surgeries.  I do a thorough exam, am highly trained and qualified, have years of experience and I understand the complex facial anatomy.  I can determine what is right for you! Visit my website for more information.

Can a general surgeon do facelift surgery?  Maybe.  But do you want to trust your most precious asset (your face) to someone who may not be qualified?  It is critical that your surgeon has a deep understanding of how to match the right surgery to your specific needs.

I’m also asked:  “Do Men get surgical facelifts too?”  YES – more and more men are getting every type of cosmetic procedure for various reasons (another blog).

THE BOTTOM LINE: There comes a time when surgical Facelift is the only right answer. When that time comes – you have options!  Fall is when men and women get serious about these issues.  Let’s talk more!

Hope this helped clear up some fog!

Helping You Keep Your Best Face Forward!

Dr. Steven Davison

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