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Midface or Cheek Lift Surgery

Since facial aging shows up in the middle face as early as our 30’s…we notice cheeks that look sunken, nasolabial folds (lines from the nose down to the corners of the mouth), marionette lines and a tired…even angry look.

A midface/cheek lift corrects these visible signs of aging and really optimizes a Forehead/Brow lift.  Often, patients want their cheeks “augmented” to restore the fullness of their younger years.

I like Fat Grafting for Augmenting, since it uses your own natural fat and it offers long lasting results without risk of allergies or rejection.  Fat replacement (grafting) always achieves the most natural look possible and while you’re restoring volume and to one area…you’re getting another area sculpted.  It’s kind of a two for one deal!

The cheeklift procedure involves tiny incisions above the ear (hidden) in the hairline.  I work through these to lift and tighten muscles and reposition cheek pads to their more youthful position.  Because I use special techniques, my patients experience shorter downtimes and less discomfort.

The questions I’m asked most often are:

  1. How Does a Cheeklift/augmentation differ from a Facelift? ** A Cheeklift is less invasive – less muscle tightening/lifting, smaller incisions and less tissue disturbance…so bruising, swelling and discomfort are much less.
  2. Is a Cheeklift right for me…or do I need a fullblown facelift? If you are mainly concerned about the midface then Cheeklift is enough. What we’re seeing today is…when people start doing small procedures…early enough…most times the fullblown procedures can be delayed for many years…sometimes they’re not needed at all.

Thinking about these things?  Let’s talk.

Dr. Steven Davison

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