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Men today are getting more and more cosmetic procedures done…for various reasons.  Facelift is one of them.  Since facelift surgery is so popular today…with a growing male clientele, I want to encourage the guys with some info.

My last blog covered the six basic techniques used for surgical facelifts.  So, please refer back to that if you have related questions.  Also, see my website for in depth information on each procedure.

Here’s why Men have facelifts today:

  • Want to match their physical appearance with how old they feel.
  • Are looking older than they are…and decide to correct it.   This happens when a dad is asked if his son is his grandson.  ZING!
  • Men want to look “as good” as their wives who are getting things done.
  • They’re going on job interviews  (may have lost a job) and they want to do all they can to “compete.”
  • Aging, injury, trauma, disease have taken a toll “emotionally” and they need to boost their self esteem and self confidence.
  • Pride.  Some men just never want to look their real age.  Always want to look great!
  • Stigma…it’s gone.  It’s OK and men know it.

How Old are these Men? They are of all ages and stages in life.  The critical thing about “age” and facelift surgery, is that the older client should be in overall good health and must expect different results which may take a little longer.  The risk factor is no greater in people over 65 as long as they are healthy with realistic expectations. Men today know that starting in their 40’s/50’s can keep them looking good – always.

If married – what do their wives think? Their wives love it!    A good facelift job needs to match the individual and look “natural” while taking several years off the face.

So come on in and let’s get to work!

Dr. Steven Davison

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