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Liposuction As an “Add On” Procedure

Sometimes there’s just one thing about your features that you’d like to change. It’s been something you’ve thought about for years and even though your happiness isn’t based on solving this issue, it’s something you have a deep desire to address. Sometimes it’s just that one thing, whether it’s Rhinoplasty to straighten that broken nose, Breast Augmentation to restore what breastfeeding depleted, Eyelid Lift (blepharoplasty) to improve vision or appearance of alertness, a Tummy Tuck to smooth the sagging abdominal skin from lost weight or something else.

When planning your plastic surgery together, we will keep the main thing the main thing, however in some cases it makes sense to address some other issues in a safe and simple way. One option is to add on Liposuction to take care of those stubborn spots holding on to fat.

When I suggest adding on Liposuction, in no way do intend to take away from my patient’s primary goal. Often times, my patients don’t even realize they have option of this as an “add on.” Once the option is on the table, it really makes sense to a lot of folks. You’re already undergoing anesthesia and a recovery time, and liposuction doesn’t add much complication to this process. It also can enhance the results of your other body contouring procedures for an even more appealing overall result. Here are a couple of the most popular procedures that pair well with Liposuction as an “add on.”

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

This procedure is geared towards eliminating loose or hanging skin from the arms. With age and significant weight loss, Brachioplasty helps your arms to look more smooth and toned. Often times it works well to include Liposuction to also remove any stubborn fat hanging on too.

Breast Reduction

Most women undergo this procedure to help with the neck, shoulder and back pain associated with overly large breasts. A Breast Reduction involves removal of breast tissue and excess skin, but may also benefit from the removal of fat for ideal contoured results. Often a Breast Lift is helpful for the relocation of the nipple in proportion to the new breast size.

Breast Augmentation

Often the desired outcome of a Breast Augmentation is to enhance body symmetry and balance of curves. Liposuction can add to the effectiveness of this procedure for some women by removing stubborn fat pockets in the waist, abdomen, hips or inner/outer thighs. This furthers contour the body into a “wow worthy” smooth, hourglass figure.

Liposuction as a stand alone or “add on” procedure is the most effective way to remove stubborn fat pouches that diet or exercise can’t touch. It’s one of the most desired body contouring procedures for good reason. Let’s talk about how Liposuction can enhance your body’s curvature by visit www.davinciplastic.com to schedule your consultation today.

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon


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