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4 Tips for Looking Great in Photos

Everyone is taking photos to remember the holidays…so this is the time you want to put your best face forward. You’ll definitely want to be “picture posing savvy” since you could be included in photos for socialite magazines and social media like Facebook and Instagram. You could  be seen by hundreds, possibly thousands, of people. To help you with this, I’ve combined some tips from photography experts with some of my own advice on how to look great in photos. You’ll want to read to the end because I’m offering some amazing specials on injectables to help you out, too!

Be a picture posing pro…tips to look great in photos:

The Perfect Pout… It’s great to have straight, bright pearly whites, but if you have no lips to share the shine, your smile won’t look as good as it could. If you’re thin lipped, it could be adding years to your perceived age and throw off your facial balance and harmony. You can get that plush pout ready with JUVEDERM. This hyaluronic acid filler increases lip volume, and in the hands of an Expert Injector, rest assured that it will be precisely applied for natural, sexy and supple lips that you’ll really want to show off.

Eyes Youthful and Bright… You’ve heard it said that you should smile with your eyes. Well this is true! And if you’ve got some crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, you can take years off your eyes with a little BOTOX. This injectable “relaxes” the muscles so that they can’t crease. Your forehead is part of your “T zone” and can often look shiny in pictures. Remember to always apply a light dusting of Jane Iredale mineral powder to keep away the shine.

Do Away with the Double Chin…
One of the most common picture blunders… accentuates the double chin. This unflattering profile can appear in photos even when there really isn’t much of one in real life. One solution for accentuating your real chin is VOLUMA today’s  injectable to restore youthful volume and contour to the chin area. You can also trick the camera into slimming down your face by slightly tilting your head down and angling your chin out just a little bit. This will give the perception of a sharper jaw line and higher cheekbones.

The Three “P’s” of Pictures: Position, Posture and Pose…
Position yourself in the middle of a group photo. The people on the end always look bigger.
Good posture makes you look thinner and your stomach flatter. Simply stand up straight, lengthen your neck, roll your shoulders back, and lift up your chest.
Pose in a natural, slimming position by resting your weight on one leg. Rest your hand on the hip with shoulder and elbow pointed back or allow your hands to fall naturally at your side while slightly lifting your elbow back and away from your body. This prevents the illusion of a “fat arm” that happens when the arm is pressed against the body and will prevent your hands from looking larger than normal.

Follow these tips and look years younger in photos by taking advantage of the great December deals for Voluma, Botox and Juvederm.  See my website for complete info or better yet: Call to schedule your appointment today!

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