December Beauty tips from Dr. Steven Davison

With Christmas only a few short weeks ago, life gets busy with more activities, commitments, engagements, parties, school plays and family times. Stress and fatigue are common this time of the year and this, along with too little sleep, too much rich food, more wine than usual and too much to do all takes a toll on how we look and feel.  It shows in the face first with tiny lines and wrinkles, loss of a healthy glow and slower cell regeneration.

First…the tried but true tips you get every year…reminders are good:

  1. Stay hydrated.  There is no substitute for good, pure water.
  2. Get as much sleep as possible.
  3. Be patient…crowds, noise, and too many demands are going to happen.  Roll with it.  Play relaxing music, sing and laugh.
  4. Exercise…keep up with your workout routine.
  5. Eat highly nutritious…living foods. Raw fruits and veggies, unprocessed nuts, avocados, salads and proteins.  Reduce the carbs!
  6. Monitor the alcohol intake.  Alcohol is dehydrating.
  7. Manage stress…don’t over commit, overdo, overshop…enjoy this season.
  8. Treat yourself to an anti aging procedure and skincare products that really rejuvenate by taking years off your face to restore youthfulness and health.

Smooth Wrinkles, Refine Skin, Increase Facial Radiance Your Face is your “first impression maker.”  Your eyes and skin condition speak volumes about your age and many patients opt for a quick “eye job” and fillers.

We can smooth out lines and wrinkles with an injectable filler…such as Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse or Sculptra, results last for months.  Add to that an Obagi skin care regimen and you will go beyond just doing skin care…to seriously improving your skin’s health.  

We make sure our clients are really “Holiday Ready.” At Davinci…my staff and I are committed to helping you put and keep your best face forward.

Call now and let’s talk about your instant beauty innovations.  You only get one life and one face.

Best Wishes to you and your loved ones.

Dr. Steven Davison on December Beauty Tips

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