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Today, I want to explain facial harmony and balance to help you understand why we make certain recommendations…and why you should only employ a surgeon who has mastered the complex facial anatomy…and  who can tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs.


The eyes, nose and chin are three distinct facial components yet all three are on one face and must work together to create your personal profile.  If you were blessed with great genes, good aging and no trauma in life…then you may be beautifully balanced.  Aging, disease, injury etc. affects this balance. Thus, the goal in facial rejuvenation is to treat the face as a whole…so the results are balanced.

For example: if you correct a sagging brow, but neglect the hooded upper eyelids and baggy under eyelids and the lines and wrinkles, these defects will detract from the nicely lifted brows and distort the youthful appearance you wanted.  More aging requires more correction.

Many men and women come to talk to me about their nose and we always end up talking about their chins or other facial areas because all of these elements contribute to overall facial harmony. Surgeons do a big disservice if they fail to explain this.  I am expertly skilled in all facial rejuvenation and reconstruction procedures of the face, and my patient photo archives speak volumes.

There’s no one right answer.  Each individual requires individual analysis.  Some want dramatic change…others want subtle changes.  But what I, and expert surgeons worldwide, know today is that there is an advantage to combining procedures:  All areas of the face look like they’re in harmony and have aged together naturally.

Let’s strive for natural, balanced facial harmony and beauty in 2012!

Dr. Steven Davison

At DAVinci…I combine the supreme elements of art & surgical science.

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