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Kissable Lips

This winter has been one of the worst in a long time… can you say “Polar Vortex” with -50 degrees in the Northern Midwest?! Lots of things suffer in the cold winter months and your lips are probably screaming for some TLC. Usually the winter combination of frigid outside temperatures and dry indoor climates is a recipe for skin, and especially lips, to get super dry.

Dry, dehydrated lips look dull, white, rough and cracked. Without any help, they’re not exactly enticing for that sultry smooch. Don’t worry, there is time to heal and rejuvenate your lips. Here’s a guide for the perfect pucker:


Exfoliation not only gets the rough dead skin off, it helps to speed up cellular turnover for fresher lips. There are many ways to slough off the dead skin on your lips. The key to exfoliation is not to be too rough and damage your lips in an already rough winter environment. Many exfoliating options include a hydrating element to it. There are exfoliating lip balms and scrubs in stores or you can make your own with sugar and coconut oil, just remember to be gentle.


Lip balms containing waxes can be temporarily soothing, but cause more dryness later. Some contain healing oils like jojoba that are helpful instead of harmful. It’s a good idea to put this on nightly before bed, too. Don’t forget to keep up your water consumption. At least 8 glasses a day. Your skin and lips (the first visible sign of dehydration) will thank you.


The verdict is in: most guys don’t like to be kissed by someone who just applied a lip plumper. That burning feeling it causes isn’t the kind of tingling sensation men had in mind when imagining that perfect pucker moment. A longer lasting, non invasive alternative for a plush pout is getting help from a hyaluronic filler like Juvederm. It’s one of the most beloved injectable treatments for many reasons. More youthful, sensual and soft lips are the results when you are in the hands of our expert injector. We know how to fill just the right amount so that your lips are full, shapely and soft, not stiff over filled sausages.


Top off your soft, plush pout with a lip color that makes you feel like love is in the air. Are you a more demure damsel? Go with a nude. Are you feeling that sexy vibe? Rock your best red. Or anything in between. Just choose a long lasting, stain or lipstick that makes you feel great and won’t leave a big smudge behind.

We can help you have your most kissable lips ever. Visit www.davinciplastic.com to schedule your appointment today.

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

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