Refreshing Spring Cheek Lift… with Fillers

Spring is a time for “refreshment and renewal.”  Many women choose filler cheek lifts this time of year

to look and feel refreshed from a long winter by restoring the lost facial volume winter often causes, and to be ready to put their more youthful,  best face forward…subtly.

FILLER Mid – FACELIFTS fill in those cheeks that hollowed out during a long, cold winter causing the mid face to sag.  With a few precisely placed injections, hollows are filled, lines and wrinkles disappear and cheeks are lifted to that “more youthful” position.


  1. One of the main causes of volume loss is ultraviolet ray damage to the cells that create collagen, a protein that is crucial to keeping skin full, firm, and youthful.
  2. Also, as we age, we lose fat in the face. Fat usually isn’t thought of as our friend, but really is necessary for keeping the “cushion” in your face. Fat is important for youthful contouring around eyes, cheeks, and chin/jawline.
  3. Up and down weight loss stretches the ligaments that hold up the facial tissue and can result in loss of elasticity and volume.
  4. Hormonal changes affect facial volume. As estrogen levels fall, so does the amount and quality of facial fat.

A great way to restore facial face is with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body that binds with water in the injected site…to plump up the area. It is great for filling in sunken facial areas experiencing volume loss, as well as wrinkles. Realize though, that all fillers aren’t the same in their viscosity and smoothness, and therefore work better when injected in different areas of the face.


EYE AREA : Drooping eyebrows, sagging under eyes and hollow temples all cause a worn down, aged eye area. Solution: RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM, VOLUMA etc. can all help fill in sunken tear troughs, crow’s feet, and hollowed temples.


Among the first areas where volume loss is noticed – as flattened, hollow cheeks, or marionette lines.

Solution: JUVEDERM VOLUMA – smooth flowing hyaluronic acid gel  is the most effective for contouring the midface. By restoring fullness to the midface (cheeks) the surrounding skin is tightened, giving a slight mini facelift.

MOUTH AREA/LIPS: Marionette lines, lip creases, and overall thinning of lips resulting from volume loss. Solution: JUVEDERM and RESTYLANE in the hands of an experienced injector like myself can smooth out lines and give you the perfect pout.

CHIN and JAWLINE: When volume decreases in the mid face and moves downward, the jowls become more prominent creating a more square shaped face rather than the desirable inverted triangle. Solution: RADIESSE can help reshape and restore volume.

What are your Spring Time concerns:  sagging, hollow face, Deflated cheeks, chin without definition or other any other “body area” rejuvenation concerns.  I can help.  Let’s talk!  See my website for complete procedure information:

Enjoy the beauty and renewal of Spring.

Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

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