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Buttock Augmentation in Washington D.C.

Micro-fat grafting is one of the easiest ways to add fullness or restore a more youthful form – to almost any shape buttock and create the look you want.

Buttocks Augmentation, using your own excess body fat is one of today’s most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. Fat grafting can be the ideal way to create the buttocks you’ve always wanted – and get sculpted in other body areas during the same procedure. Dr. Davison understands the concepts of the “ideal buttocks” – which varies among ethnic groups – and is able to skillfully combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science to achieve each individual’s desired outcome.

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The initial consultation with your surgeon is critical! It should always be face to face with your surgeon during which time he/she listens closely to your concerns. Dr. Davison believes this time spent with you is critical to both you and to him. It is during the consultation that he comes to fully understand your concerns, evaluates them correctly and is then able to make the recommendations and develop the treatment plan thats right for you. Dr. Davison invests the time to sit down and talk to you face-to-face.

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