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What you can do now to Defy Future Aging

Aging is inevitable and beauty at any age is possible. But if the biological effects of aging are left unchecked, as we move through the decades, damage is done that probably could have been prevented or delayed.

This series of blogs deals with facial aging… and which interventions can help us keep looking young, fresh and beautiful without surgery.

It’s very important, that regardless of what you have done and at what age, you must choose a well qualified, experienced surgeon who has mastered the complex facial anatomy and who understands that “a single procedure does NOT fix-all.”  Do not be fooled by today’s advertising…every face is different and every single procedure must be matched correctly to the individual.

CAN YOU CHANGE HOW YOU WILL AGE?   YES! Hollywood Celebrities do it everyday by starting early (30’s) and maintaining with small procedures along the way. This often negates the need for surgery (best case scenario) or at least delays it. Nothing replaces good genes (they dictate how we age), but good interventions dramatically improve how we age.

TO DELAY AGING…START IN YOUR 30’S Botox, Dysport or other fillers can eliminate the very first lines and wrinkles, under eye bags and volume loss.  Cheek Augmentation keeps hollows, wrinkles and folds from becoming as severe.   Many people have Blepharoplasty to correct early aging around the eyes and to allow for more youthful aging. Aging will still occur but will be much less noticeable and less damaging.

Next Time I’ll blog on aging in the 40’s and what age defying options we’re using today including new amazing lasers.  Keep coming back! I love helping people put their best face forward!

Dr. Steven Davison

Obagi…for beautiful skin

We’re on the downside of summer and chances are you’ve had some great family times including beach or poolside time.  This means “sun” exposure.  At the beginning of summer I wrote about ways to protect your skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays.  But, regardless of how faithful we are using sun screen, hats and sun glasses, we will get some exposure.  Along with the sun, there’s everyday pollution that speeds up aging skin.

I love to recommend Obagi skin care systems because they work everytime…all the time.  Obagi corrects the function and health of the skin by getting into the cells and working from the inside out.

I’ve had many years to prove the various products and procedures I use and recommend.  Without exception and regardless of skin type or skin condition, the Obagi NuDerm system gets superior results time after time.

Obagi is pharmaceutical grade and physician directed (you can get it from me).  It corrects signs of aging and prevents future damage by restoring healthy skin cell function.

My patients glow when using Obagi…minus wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, uneven pigmentation and more.  It helps your skin look and act healthier!

Briefly – here’s how it works:

  • Penetrates to the deepest dermal layer
  • Old cells are replaced with new ones within 6 weeks
  • Your skin begins producing normal, healthy cells – faster
  • Melanin is more evenly distributed
  • Collagen and elastin production is stimulated
  • Your skin “glows” during this transformation phase
  • The process is ongoing
  • Your new, more youthful look continues on your maintenance program

At the end of summer…we all need to rejuvenate our facial skin.  Obagi is up to the task and one of the best options I can recommend. To learn more about Obagi click here.

Helping you keep your best face forward!

Dr. Steven Davison

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