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Hope for Beautiful Tuberous Breast Correction

Breast SIZE isn’t the only concern women have when assessing their satisfaction with their breasts. Other factors are the width between breasts, torso positioning (drooping), symmetry between the breasts, and breast shape. How these breast features are perceived determines satisfaction, confidence, and feelings of femininity and sexuality.


Tuberous breasts, also known as constricted breasts, are a congenital (from birth) condition that affects all of these physical characteristics:

  • ptosis (drooping)
  • symmetry
  • breast shape
  • nipple and areola shape


This difference in breast formation becomes apparent at the earliest stages of breast development during puberty. Fortunately, once breast development is complete, the dissatisfaction with tuberous breasts can be corrected through well experienced hands via a specialized Breast Augmentation, though the procedure is much more complicated.


What Are Tuberous Breasts?

Normally, tuberous breasts are small, a result of underdevelopment called Breast Hypoplasia, however this isn’t the extent of desired correction. Correcting tuberous breasts usually requires addressing the size, shape, symmetry and placement. These factors stem from such issues as related to connective breast tissue, such as breast constriction, breast skin deficiency, bulging areola (areolar herniation), and or malposition of the crease beneath the breast (inframammary fold). These factors usually differ for each breast, as tuberous breast asymmetry is the norm.


Treatment for Tuberous Breasts

The correction for tuberous breasts can generally be considered a Breast Augmentation, but not in the strict definition, since what is needed involves much more. This process requires a series of specialized technical procedures since there is a wide variance from breast to breast. Generally correcting tuberous breasts will necessitate breast reshaping, areola balancing and in most cases, size augmentation to compensate for Breast Hypoplasia and asymmetry.


These are the decisions that will be determined by the patient’s preferences and the severity of the constriction causing the tuberous breasts:


  1. The incision location to address breast constriction (usually a technique called “radial scoring”) & ptosis (corrected by breast lift), insert the implant (if applicable), and correct areolar herniation
  2. The type of breast implant (saline or silicone)
  3. The placement of the implant above (subglandular) or below the chest muscle (submuscular). Submuscular is usually what is needed in the case of correcting tuberous breasts. There is also a specific kind of submuscular augmentation to compensate for the often lacking of fullness in the lower breast gland.
  4. Only in more extreme correction cases would a 2 stage surgical approach be required to gradually stretch the skin and breast tissue before the final implant insertion.


This nuanced procedure requires the most expert of hands to meticulously address all the facets of correction. There is hope for beautiful results in the skilled hands of triple board certified surgeon, such as myself. Please contact us to talk about how we can help you,


Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon


Get a Gorgeous Smile in 2018

Want a new smile in 2018 without any cosmetic or dental surgery? There are many non surgical options to transform your smile, whether it’s whiter or straighter teeth, fuller lips or reducing a “gummy smile.” Here are some solutions to these smile problems:

  1. Gummy Smile

One way you can enhance your already beautiful smile is to reduce the amount of your gums that show between your lips and teeth. Using Botox in a very precise and careful placement, the injection is made into the muscle that is near the junction of your nostrils with the cheek, called the levator labii. Also, a very small amount can be injected into where the upper lip’s midline meets the nose at the columella (center column of the nose).


The necessity to use a highly experienced injector is crucial, as placement and the amount of Botox can easily ruin a smile rather than enhance it. Remember, the Botox is weakening the muscle so if too much is injected or its improperly placed, results won’t be as desired. For example, the lip will be completely flat, droopy or produce an uneven, half smile where one side lifts more than the other.


When properly placed, the upper lip still has movement, but won’t retract all the way to reveal the gums when you’re smiling. Botox to the upper lip can also reduce the vertical wrinkles and smokers lines. As with any injection, the results are temporary, which is actually a good thing as it gives you a chance to get used to the new look and decide if you’re more comfortable with your smile as it was naturally or would like to continue.


  1. Thin Lips

One of the contributors to discontent with smiles is that the lips are too thin. This can even increase the look of a “gummy smile.” This improvement is an easy one, as Juvederm can provide beautiful, natural looking plumping effect for a full, luscious lipped smile.


  1. Teeth Discoloration

The over the counter teeth whitenen systems are considered part of the beauty industry and not regulated by the FDA, as would a doctor prescribed system. You should proceed with caution with these. In regards to whitening procedures provided by dentists and technicians, it’s also important to consider the level of experience. Generally, you can be prescribed a custom gel with a tray to be used over night for a number of nights in order to match your desired lightening and contour to your teeth. This can be done in conjunction with certain high powered lights, but educate yourself on the kind of lights used since some can produce sensitivity and even damage the tooth’s inner pulp.

  1. Crooked Teeth

Depending on the significance of your alignment or bite correction needed, there are some good options including alternatives to metal braces. Other kinds of permanent fixtures like clear braces and removable “invisible” aligning trays, such as Invisalign or Clear Correct, can be worn over time to adjust the teeth. There are now 5 tray system options for minor alignment issues.

You can have the radiant smile you want in 2018. Let’s discuss your non surgical smile enhancements to address issues such as “gummy smile” and thinning lips. Please visit to schedule a consultation.


Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon

2018 Procedure Trends

Looking ahead to 2018, what procedures do we expect to hear more about? While there is a general rise in consumer awareness and participation in the cosmetic surgery industry, some procedures have flown under the radar until recently. Such procedures as Otoplasty, Labiaplasty had begun to hit the main stream in 2017 and are expected to rise even more, but even more recently has been awareness about inverted nipple correction surgery. Last year was also big for very full, pillowy lips, which may tame down a bit in 2018, but there are more and more uses for fillers that are being requested by patients. Let’s take a look at some procedures that are going to get more play in 2018.



Streamlining the ear profile with Otoplasty surfaced onto the mainstream over the summer a year or 2 ago. It has been a common surgery for children and youths, as it can take ears that stick out or fold abnormally and bring them closer to the head; therefore eliminating teasing or bullying and the resulting self esteem issues because of “Dumbo ears.” While this has continued to be the main reason for this surgery, it has expanded into “trend status” by adults perfecting their ear profile and also wanting to give the earlobes a pleasant shape, even after the holes from earrings have distorted them.



Even as this surgery addresses a very private area, it has gained more public awareness. Women want to feel confident with how their labia look and more comfortable with how they feel. There is no reason to have discomfort over elongated, uneven labia. Labiaplasty can help increase comfort, confidence and even possibly of increased enjoyment of intimacy.


Inverted Nipple Correction

It is estimated that up to 20 percent of women have inverted nipples, which means the nipple retracts inward, usually since birth. Typically it occurs because the breast tissue adheres tightly to the base of the nipple and constricts it. While this nipple status may cause some challenges with breastfeeding, they can usually be overcome, and it is otherwise harmless. The desired correction can be surgical, or combined with a nipple ring that would hold the nipple out, as well as a small fat graft or filler injection.



While fillers, such as Juvederm for the lips have received a great amount of attention, and will continue to, there are a few other areas springing up that fillers are helping that might be surprising. For example, filling in the sunken under eyes, shriveled ear lobes, veiny thin hands, dimples of cellulite, and shrinking nipples.Keep in mind, many of these creative uses for fillers are considered “off label,” which means there isn’t a standardized protocol, so be sure you’re only working with trusted “expert injectors” like in my office.

If any of these procedures have piqued an interest in you or coincide with your beauty and rejuvenation goals for 2018, please schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your options at


Steven Davison M.D.

Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon


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